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It has now dawned upon these lady ISIS operatives from Kerala that they are victims of Love Jihad


New Delhi, Mar 18: Before being taken to Afghanistan from Kerala to join the Islamic State, several girls were converted to Islam. While many cried foul and called these cases of Love Jihad, there were a good number of people who said otherwise.

Now it has dawned upon some of these girls that there were indeed victims of Love Jihad. There are cries of despair, with many of them realising that the entire exercise had turned out to be a futile one. Leave alone a Caliphate, many in Afghanistan, who are part of their troop did not even visit Mosques or pray.

It has now dawned upon these lady ISIS operatives from Kerala that they are victims of Love Jihad

Nimisha alias Farima and Ayesha alias Sonia Sebastin were both trapped and forcibly converted to Islam. They were then tricked into marriage and later taken to Afghanistan to join the Islamic State. It may be recalled that 21 had left for Afghanistan from Kerala in one batch.

Tales of despair emerge as Kerala women who joined ISIS in Afghanistan speak out

Some have been killed in airstrikes while others have surrendered. They are now seeking the help of the Indian government to return home. Farima during her questioning at a Kabul jail spoke about Love Jihad. She felt that it was a conspiracy that was backed by Pakistan to trap girls and convert them. The larger plan is to trap girls and then recruit them into the Islamic State.

Fathima also said that she too wanted to return to India provided she is not jailed. Afghanistan is not my place. I cannot say that the Caliphate is wrong. I was comfortable at that time, but now times have changed, she also said.

It may be recalled that Nimisha was converted to Islam three years ago. She then got married and when she was in the seventh month of her pregnancy, she left for Afghanistan. She was told that they would lead a truly Islamic life and every true Muslim must join hands in establishing the Caliphate.

During her questioning she also said that, while it was told that they would lead a religious life, in reality, they were being urged to train for Jihad. Her mother back in Kerala has made an appeal to the Indian government to get her daughter back. The Indian government is however extremely cautious as there are enough reports and incidents to suggest that the silent returnees of the ISIS are extremely dangerous. Many go out train and return only to carry out attacks, set up modules and spread the ISIS propaganda.

Take the case of Ayesha alias Sonia Sebastin. In a video that has been released by the StratNews Global, Ayesha said that she and her husband Abdullah Rashid Abdullah were disappointed with the Islamic State. She is currently lodged in a jail at Kabul.

Letting the Kerala operatives return from Afghanistan will just help ISIS realise its real plan

I assume many people who want to come to the ISIS have the same expectations. I would suggest to them to think twice before takin a decision, she said while adding that she does not want to be associated with the outfit anymore.

We moved to Afghanistan to lead an Islamic life under the Caliphate. However when we reached here, we realised that the people were not even going to the Mosque for prayers. Owing to this disappointment, my husbands stopped preparing and sending videos and audios. Rashid had in fact sent most of the audios and videos to Kerala.

My husband was completely disenchanted and his last words were, 'I am done with this world.' She said that she wanted to return to Kerala and live with Rashid's parents.

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