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ISIS’ ‘Incite the Believers’ theory: Understanding motive behind Delhi-Bengaluru riots


New Delhi, Aug 20: The year 2020 witnessed two massive riots-one at Delhi and the other at Bengaluru.

The probe has found various angles to these riots and one very strong among them was the planning and the purposeful intent to indulge in arson. Another point to be made here is the role played by the extremist organisations in both these incidents.

Delhi-Bengaluru riots is text book ISIS’ ‘Incite the Believers’ theory

Following the Delhi riots, the Delhi Police detained an Islamic State linked couple for instigating the anti-citizenship law protests, which turned violent. Following the Bengaluru riots a man allegedly linked to the Al-Hind a wing of the ISIS was detained for questioning.

Bengaluru ophthalmologist Rehman was developing medical app to help injured ISIS terrorists

On Tuesday, the National Investigation Agency arrested a Bengaluru based ophthalmologist in connection with an ISIS Khorasan Province case. In its note, the NIA said that Abdur Rehman was linked Jahanzaib Sami Wani and his wife Hina Bashir Beigh, who were arrested by the Special Cell of the Delhi police.

With the ISIS cropping up in both these cases, one must take note of the fact that this terror group carries out unconventional attacks. They include, knife attacks, arson, mowing down people with vehicles just to name a few. Following the Paris attack, the ISIS had circulated various ways of carrying out terror strikes and listed out all the unconventional styles.

Speaking of unconventional, let us refer to the video put out by the ISIS in July 2020, in which it calls for arson attacks on the United States.

Titled 'Incite the Believers,' the video calls for arson attacks in America by its followers.

The narrator says in Arabic that the followers must use lighters, matches and gasoline to start fire in places where they will not be detected.

The video that has been issued by the Al-Hayat Media Centre also shows items such as handguns, power drills that could be used in attacks. "We are sure that if you knew how and found a weapon you would not delay in fulfilling your duty to support the Muslims and do jihad. Look around yourself again, keeping an eye for a solution and not searching for a problem" as they sort through "all the means to kill and destroy.

The video goes on to urge arson jihadists to safely dispose evidence after fleeing the scene of their attacks. For the ISIS, arson has been an easy and cheap terror tactic.

Bengaluru riots: Govt nod to file writ for appointing claims commissioner

Arson has been easy and inspirational for the lone actors, who only need to find encouragement online. Arson also ensures that the suspect does not come under the radar because he does not need to purchase a firearm of get into the complexities of preparing an explosive device.

Now coming back to the riots in India, let us examine what the NIA had to say in the Delhi case.

When Rehman was questioned, he told the agency that he was conspiring with Jahanzaib Sami and other Syria-based ISIS operatives on secure messaging platforms to further ISIS activities. He was in the process of developing a medical application for helping the injured ISIS cadres in the conflict-zones and a weaponry-related application for the benefit of ISIS fighters.

The case, it may be recalled was initially registered by the Special Cell of the Delhi Police in March 2020. The Delhi Police registered this case after arresting a Kashmiri couple Jahanzaib Sami Wani and his wife Hina Bashir Beigh from Okhla Vihar, Jamia Nagar in Delhi.

The couple was found to be having affiliations with ISKP, a banned terrorist outfit affiliated with the ISIS. The couple were found to be involved in subversive activities and were also in touch with Abdul Basith, who is now lodged in the Tihar jail in connection with another case being probed by the NIA.

The probe also led to the arrest of Sadiya Anwar Sheikh and Nabeel Siddique Khatri, both residents of Pune. They were allegedly part of the conspiracy to carry out subversive activities under the garb of protesting against the amended citizenship law.

Earlier this week, the Bengaluru police detained one Samiuddin in connection with riots. The police have accused him of being in touch with the killers in the Rudresh murder case. He was further accused of being in touch with members of the Al-Hind group for the past five years.

Bengaluru ophthalmologist accused of furthering ISIS cause arrested by NIA

Al-Hindi Trust, linked to the ISIS was just a front to carry out terror attacks. To the outside world, it seemed like a charity group, officers investigating this case tell OneIndia.

    Contempt Case: SC rejects Prashant Bhushan's plea to defer sentencing | Oneindia News

    The original motive of this group was concealed for long due to the kind of modus operandi that they followed. The only intention was to carry out violent jihad.

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