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ISIS and HuT will battle hard for spot in India: Intelligence report


New Delhi, April 22: A pamphlet prepared by the ISIS read, establishing the Caliphate since 1953. This was the ISIS mocking the Hiz ut Tahrir. The ISIS on the other hand claims to have already declared the Caliphate.

Both these groups have a similar ideology and that is to establish the Caliphate and implement the rule of Sharia. But one must confuse the issue and think that these groups are friends. They are sworn enemies.

ISIS and HuT will battle hard for spot in India: Intelligence report.
The rivalry between the two groups is important in the Indian context. Both have managed to establish a strong base in Bangladesh with a view of carrying out jihad in South Asia. There have been a series of intelligence bureau alerts which have clearly stated that both these groups are planning attacks in India.

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In the HuT vs ISIS war India needs to worry:

Both the groups are radical and may have a similar ideology. However they have different styles of approach.

The HuT relies on discussions and debates before convincing the youth to take up Jihad. The ISIS on the other hand relies on blood shed and brutality to make their point.

To set up a base in South Asia, Pakistan would have been the ideal spot. However Pakistan is overcrowded with terrorist outfits which has led both these groups to Bangladesh. Both groups operate in Bangladesh strongly.

An intelligence bureau dossier would show that the HuT continues to spread jihad through ideological discourses but the ISIS only relies on killing to make its point.

Both are dangerous in their own way says an IB officer. The target audience in India is extremely crucial to both these groups. The HuT has been focusing largely in universities to spread the message of how Sharia is important and why the Caliphate should be declared.

The ISIS on the other hand feels that the only way at implementing the Sharia is through terror strikes and war.

Foes not friends:

There has been a great deal of confusion about the relationship status between the two groups. The confusion is largely to do with the fact that they share similar ideologies, but a different approach. The ISIS has in fact not spared a single attempt to mock the HuT.

The ISIS finds the group too slow and the pamphlet released by them states Establishing the Caliphate since 1953. The pamphlet further mocks by the HuT by stating, I know were have got nowhere so far.

We have a lot of conferences and are really good at sitting at cafes and talking about the Caliphate. This was clearly an attempt to mock the HuT which the ISIS feels relies heavily on intellectual discourses instead of taking the battle to the streets.

The HuT however calls itself a non violent political group. It views the ISIS as a violent group. It further states that the HuT is structured and not scattered like the ISIS.

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