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Is there a more dangerous virus than corona present at the Wuhan lab of China?


New Delhi, Apr 08: Coronavirus has started wreaking havoc all over the world once again. At the same time, another frightening news has come out. Another virus as dangerous as the corona virus may soon disturb the world. Actually, a team of researchers has claimed that many types of new and more dangerous corona viruses still exist in Wuhan, China. Scientists have made this claim based on genetic data of rice and cotton from agricultural laboratories in Wuhan and other cities of China.

Is there a more dangerous virus than corona present at the Wuhan lab of China?

If the claim of scientists is true, then the world is in for more trouble from China. These viruses can prove to be more dangerous because agricultural laboratories do not have strong security systems like medical research centres or virology labs.

This research has been published in a preprint server named ArXiv. Scientists said that there are many dangerous viruses that harm humans in agricultural labs in Wuhan and other cities of China. If it is not controlled safely, then the world is in for a bigger problem.

This report published on ArXiv may not be recognised by any academic journal or any expert. But this research is definitely shocking. Scientists have taken data from 2017 to 2020 of genetic sequence of rice and cotton present in agricultural laboratories. This data is full of new viruses, which belong to MERS and SARS.

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    Surprisingly, all these genetic data were extracted at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (Wuhan Institute of Virology). The world still suspects that the coronavirus epidemic spread by mistake from this lab. However, the Chinese government has been continuously denying it. Scientists around the world however doubt this lab.

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