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Is asking for a job too much? We say no, Hanumanthappa's wife deserves independent, dignified life

By Maitreyee

On one hand, we at OneIndia are immensely happy and satisfied that a series of reports by our special correspondents-Anusha Ravi and Vicky Nanjappa-highlighting the struggles of Mahadevi Koppad, wife of Siachen braveheart Hanumantappa Koppad-have received overwhelming responses from readers and authorities alike, but at the same time we are surprised to see so many 'naysayers' raising questions over a secured job for the soldier's widow.

Mahadevi deserves an independent life

[Siachen braveheart: We reminded, you responded, Hanumanthappa's wife assured of job]

Are we asking too much by emphasising on the need to provide a permanent government job for Mahadevi? We say, a BIG NO. We strongly believe she deserves a government job. It's her right. First, she was promised a government job by the authorities after the demise of her husband, who died while protecting the nation's frontiers. Remember, he died on the line of duty. Now, it is our responsibility to look after the family of a braveheart. Second, she is a widow and a single mother. Yes, Mahadevi is nursing a three-year-old daughter, who lost her father at a tender age.

Now, a few of you will say, we are creating some sort of 'sympathy wave' by hammering on the issue. Or, a few of you will say, why only Mahadevi? We will say, it's not sympathy, it is a human cause, and we at OneIndia will always highlight all causes of concern, in spite of 'brickbats'.

Mahadevi's story reflects the lives of widows of all war heroes

Mahadevi's story represents the lives of hundreds of widows of Indian soldiers. Like, this young woman, all these widows stare at an uncertain future, with most often young children to take care of. With the death of their husbands, lives of these women come to a standstill. Do we want a similar situation for Mahadevi? Definitely not. We want her to be independent and strong like her husband. Thus she definitely is worthy of a job according to her skills.

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As we sat to write this copy, the news of three soldiers martyred in a terror attack in Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday morning shocked us, once again. Every year, we lose so many jawans fighting in border areas. With the demise of these young men, they leave behind their wives, children and old parents. Mahadevi and her family belong to the same group of people who have lost their loved ones in battle fields.

Compensation is fine. What about women empowerment?

Mahadevi is thankful to all the support (including monetary) she has got so far from various government agencies, voluntary organisations and individuals. The monetary compensation and land allotment given to her family will help her secure her and her daughter's future. Let us not just focus on the financial aspect of the entire situation. What about her independence, dignity? Do we even care about all these 'loaded' words? Or, they are just good to be used by politicians during their election speeches? In a society, where women are still treated as second-class citizens, imagine the plight of a widow and a single mother. It's is very hard for a single mother to lead an independent life in a small village in India. A secured job will bring some positive changes in her life. We feel it will help Mahadevi to heal her wounds of losing her husband, a pain we share with her.

In the end we will say, it is a controversy unnecessarily created, but we are ready to answer all queries.


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