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India’s decision to participate in Moscow-format pragmatic and likely to open future role for it


New Delhi, Nov 9: India will participate in the Moscow-format meeting on Afghanistan at a non-official level. Talibans too will be participating in the meeting questioning the stand of India on terrorism by many. But in the changing world order, the decision taken by India is being termed as a pragmatic decision. Moreover, India made it clear that it would participate at a 'non-official level' in the meeting.

India’s decision to participate in Moscow-format pragmatic and likely to open future role for it

Ministry of external affairs spokesperson Raveesh Kumar confirmed, "We are aware that Russian Federation is hosting a meeting in Moscow on November 9 on Afghanistan. Our participation at the meeting will be at the non-official level."

Theoretically the decision might be seen as a setback to the Indian position that there is no 'Good Taliban' or 'Bad Taliban' but the point is that on many other ways India is more being involved in the peace process in Afghanistan therefore if the Indian government is involved as non-official observer at least they would keep themselves involved in the process so as and when there is a possibility of more direct role for Indian, it can execute them. Former foreign secretary Shashank told Oneindia, "So our relationship with Iran at a time when sanctions are being imposed on it are based only on Afghanistan, India and Iran trilateral partnership to stabilize Afghanistan and to bring about closer relationship with Afghanistan as Pakistan is not ready to help India. Of course energy security and economic security and connectivity with SAARC and Central Asia from Iran and Iranian oil and gas are also important. India imports 80 to 83 per cent oil and gas from abroad. Oil prices going up and value of Indian Re going down therefore these issues are of Geo-strategic and Geo-economic importance."

India to be in talks with Taliban at non-official level for the first time

Shashank said that India can't take a stand like a non-align country that it is neither here nor there which was the old position that India used to hold when America and Pakistan both wanted to keep India out of Afghanistan while many Indians were getting killed in Afghanistan by Pakistan-based terrorists. So for India the entire scenario is changing therefore it is a more pragmatic approach and will open door for India's greater partnership and future role in the south Asian region.

"India participating in the dialogue process may be a setback on the face of it but global issues are changing. America for the first time agreed that regional countries may be involved including India and it should be Afghan-led process. This has actually been the Indian attitude all along and now America has come along this line of policy which is more in line with the India's policy towards Afghanistan," he said.

So when India is supposed to be more involved while it may not be Afghan-led process but at least it is a process which is involving regional forces and India has been involved with Iran and Russia from a very long time in stabilising Afghanistan before even the NATO came in. So this is an initiative by Russians to have a peaceful south Asian neighborhood that suits India. "India supports all efforts at peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan that will preserve unity and plurality, and bring security, stability and prosperity to the country," said the MEA spokesperson.

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