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India digs up details to show US that Pak used F-16s in offensive operation


New Delhi, Mar 02: India has picked up more proof that suggests Pakistan had used an F-16 in an offensive role.

Indian Air Force officials show sections of an exploded Amraam missile, said to be fired by Pakistan Air Force (PAF) F-16s, at an IAF, Army and Navy joint press conference at South Block in New Delhi

Indian officials have maintained that the Pakistan Air Force had used the F-16 to try and strike at military installations, but failed. Pakistan on the other hand denied using an F-16 to which Indian officials say that this is being done to escape a clause by the use which prevents the use of a fighter in offensive operations.

India has collected evidence that Pakistan used the F-16 and would share it with the United States seeking action. India has pulled out contract details between the United States and Pakistan on the AMRAAM missile that was fired from the F-16. The details are being shared with the US to enhanced India's case that Pakistan had misused the jets.

To escape a US clause, Pak lies about the use of an F-16

On Thursday during a briefing, India had presented parts of a fired AMRAAM missile, which can only be fired from an F-16 aircraft. Parts of the AMRAAM air-to-air missile were recovered from east of Rajouri within Indian territory, Air Vice Marshal R G K Kapoor had said during the briefing on Thursday.

The AMRAAM missile allow a fighter pilot to target an enemy aircraft which is beyond visual range, in day or night and also in all weather conditions. Pakistan, it may be recalled had agreed to buy 70 F-16s in the 1980s. 40 were delivered before the US Congress cut aid and military sales in the 1990s, while citing Pakistan's secret development of nuclear weapons.

Officials say that Pakistan vehemently denies the use of an F-16 is largely because of a clause by the United States. Pakistan denied the use of the aircraft as the US prevents the use of the aircraft in offensive operations. Moreover it also raises questions about the capability of the PAF after its F-16 was brought down by the vintage Russian made MiG-21.

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