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Being in Asia, Trump did not feel Indo-Pak tension important enough to tweet


New Delhi, Feb 27: With tension escalating between India and Pakistan in the wake of the terror attack in Pulwama and the over their airspace adventures that kicked off on Tuesday, February 26, the entire world is glued to the situation in South Asia apprehending which way the situation could lead to.

A number of countries have expressed apprehension over the situation, including China which has asked both the nuclear-armed South Asian nations to show restraint. The US, too, has reacted to the situation with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo preaching peace.

Being in Asia, Trump did not feel Indo-Pak tension important enough

However, the president of the US, Donald Trump, was yet to tweet anything about the India-Pakistan escalation even though he was in Asia to attend a two-day summit with North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un.

Trump is in Asia yet he didn't feel like tweeting about India-Pakistan tension

Located around 3,000 kilometres from Kashmir which reached a boiling point in the last fortnight or so and the subsequent tension between the two neighbours, Trump was yet to express any concern over the matter.

Not a single tweet on Pulwama attack from US President Trump; America's dry support means little

The septuagenarian leader, known for his maverick words and acts, however, was seen bashing a local political rival Richard Blumenthal, the Democratic senator from Connecticut, who he called a "third rate Senator" and also "Da Nang Dick" - mocking his claim of having fought the Vietnam War in the 1970s.

Blumenthal is known to be a strong anti-Trump voice and played a key role in filing a federal lawsuit accusing the president of emoluments clause of the US Constitution.

Was there anything more relevant for Trump to speak on than attack a domestic rival politician on the soil of Vietnam? For a leader who aspires to make a lasting impact in world peace and especially find a way out of the mess that Afghanistan is in, was speaking out on the ongoing India-Pakistan tension less important?

Trump indeed never stops surprising us.

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