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In Tejasvi Surya candidature, BJP sent out message, ‘not a party of grandfathers, grandsons’


Bengaluru, Mar 28: After the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) announced that Tejasvi Surya would contest from Bangalore South, there has been a major debate over his candidature.

Tejasvi Surya

The big question was did the BJP err in not giving a ticket to Tejaswini Ananth Kumar, who had nurtured and won from this constituency for over 25 years. The analysts point out that this is an interesting gamble that has been taken by the BJP.

The choice by the BJP only proves that it wants to nurture the younger generation, says leader psephologist, Dr. Sandeep Shastri. He tells OneIndia that the BJP wants to send across a strong message especially in Karnataka that it is not a dynasty party.

There was a rumour earlier that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would contest from this seat. It is one of their safer seats, one must also bear in mind. The choice shows that the BJP is nurturing a younger generation, while retiring the older leaders, Dr. Shastri also adds.

Suspense ends: Tejasvi Surya is BJP's choice from Bangalore South

Given the whole debate around the Janata Dal (S) that one third of the candidates comprise the grandfather and grandsons, the BJP wanted to send a strong message that it is against dynasty politics, he further adds.

Though Anant Kumar has nurtured this constituency and also the fact that his wife wanted the seat does not automatically make her the justifiable candidate, the BJP has proven. The party sent out an important message that no person has a claim to the seat just because his or her relative was part of it, Dr Shastri says.

Moreover the choice of Surya also shows that the frontal organisations of the BJP have immense importance. He has both an ABVP and RSS background and these groups have played a vital role, he further adds.

With regard to the unhappiness among a section of the BJP, Dr. Shastri says that the BJP may have anticipated it. There is a lot of disquiet, but the saffron party would tide over it as it is a cadre based party. Tejaswini did say that she was shocked, but also added that all must work to ensure that Modi comes back to power.

It would be early to say that the unhappiness will out in the background. As I said that the distinct advantage that the BJP has is that it is a cadre based party, he further adds.

One must also not forget that Surya was part of the Ananth Kumar and Tejaswini team. He has worked with that team. It would now be interesting to see if the cadres would back the candidate or will silence play out in the background.

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