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I picked up where I left the Aurangabad arms hauls case: The Headley 2 interrogation report

By Vicky

The investigation that is being conducted following the arrest of Abdul Naeem also known as Headley 2 has revealed some startling details. He was a wanted accused in the Aurangabad arms hauls case of 2006. Abu Jundal the Hindi tutor of the ten 26/11 terrorists too is an accused in the same case.

Naeem is being questioned by several officers of the central agencies. He is currently in the custody of the National Investigation Agency. He says during his interrogation:

I picked up where I left the Aurangabad arms hauls case: The Headley 2 interrogation report

"Immediately after the Aurangabad case was busted, Jundal and I fled to Pakistan. Our bosses were upset with us that the operation did not go through. At Pakistan, we stayed at different camps. I was trained on how to conduct reconnaissance. I picked up the skills very well and they decided on using for a bigger operation.

The initial plan was to launch me into India in 2011, but my handlers felt that it would be better if there was more cooling off period. In 2014, I was sent to Bangladesh and told to infiltrate into India.

They felt that it would be easier for me to infiltrate through West Bengal.

Things, however, did not go right and I was arrested as there was a lookout notice for me in the Aurangabad case. When I was being taken to Mumbai from Kolkata, I realised the cops were complicit. I managed to escape from the train at Chattisgarh.

I left for Uttar Pradesh where I stayed underground for several months. Gradually I began contacting other operatives who were to be part of this big operation. I went around collecting information about military installations and other big tourist locations in Himachal Pradesh.

I was told that all the attacks would take place simultaneously. In UP and Kashmir, attacks would be on military installations. In Delhi, there would be a 26/11 styled attack while in Himachal Pradesh, the idea was to carry out a strike on Israelis.

I used a very wide network that the Lashkar-e-Tayiba has in India. We had set up micromodules in the places we wanted to target. Each one had to prepare a list of possible targets and send it to me. I would then go about gathering further information. We were told that the attacks had to take place just before the elections in 2019. The idea of the attacks was two-fold. One was to embarrass the government and the second was to wedge a deep divide in society."

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