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Hurriyat Conference: ISI engineering more splits

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A desperate attempt to split the Hurriyat Conference further is being made by the ISI which controls the war in Kashmir. It is a well known fact that the Hurriyat is a divided house and there has been a clash of ideologies between the moderate and the extremists.

Sensing that the moderates in the Hurriyat were gaining centre stage, the ISI swooped into action and began engineering a split which would ensure that the extremists would have the upper hand in Jammu and Kashmir.

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ISI engineering more splits in Hurriyat

Fanning extremism in Valley

There are three major names that come to mind the moment one uses the word extremism in Kashmir. These are Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Masarat Alam and Yasin Mallik.

Geelani is 85 years old and as of today he is just a monumental extremist in the Valley. The real deal for the ISI however are Yasin Mallik and Masarat Alam.

Bringing together Alam and Mallik who have their share of differences is one such task that the ISI has been undertaking. The ISI would want to see both together so that they are able to strengthen the extremist force in Jammu and Kashmir.

For the ISI nurturing the extremists who are die hard fans of Pakistan is crucial. There has been a major slump in their activities in J&K and the number of infiltrations too have gone down since many are refusing to help terrorists cross over.

While Pakistan has lost a great deal of control in J&K, it would still not give up and instead boost the hardcore extremists. The likes of Geelani, Mallik and Alam would always be subservient to Pakistan no matter what and these will be the ISI's trump cards [Squeeze J&K separatists of their finances, says former RAW officer]

More splits expected

Over the past couple of years one has noticed that a moderate lot within the Hurriyat Conference were overtaking the extremists. However the ISI as part of its meeting on Kashmir held a month ago decided to engineer a split so that the extremists overtake the moderates.

The moderates are the ones who are willing to come and hold talks and are also in favour of an amicable solution. The extremists on the other hand want no solution and would prefer to fan violence in the Valley for as long as possible.

In a meeting held in Pakistan which was chaired by several groups and the ISI, it was decided to increase the budgetary allocation into Kashmir. Spending in Kashmir would be increased two fold to ensure that many are lured into joining the extremist faction, sources in the Intelligence Bureau informed.

The ISI has instructed the hardline faction in the Hurriyat to rope in at least 8 more factions in the HC. It was found that there are at least 8 factions within the HC who are on the edge and they are likely to bite the money bait that the ISI has thrown at them.

Hardliners agree, moderates disagree

On the subject of the split there is a divided opinion within the Hurriyat. While the moderates say that more powers would be given to those who are thinking of walking away, the hardline faction claims that they have been approached. A statement by the hardline Hurriyat faction confirms that many have approached them.

While these internal bickerings are likely to continue for more time, there is a clear mandate by the ISI to engineer as many splits as possible.

Why is the split important?

Splitting the Hurriyat and having more members in the extremists faction augurs well for the ISI in as many ways as possible. Firstly these persons would never allow any talks. Secondly they will waive the Pakistan flag and agenda as a reminder to the people that Kashmir should ideally not be a part of India.

The other benefit that the ISI gets from having more hardliners is that these persons will ensure that Pakistan sponsored terrorists would be able to infiltrate with ease into J&K.

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