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'Humankind holds the key': Naidu suggests 12-point framework of living during times of COVID-19


New Delhi, May 18: Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu has highlighted the need to adopt new ways of living and humanity amidst indications of the deadly coronavirus likely to stay for longer than earlier expected.

In an official Facebook post "A New Normal for Life After Corona", Naidu wrote, "Living responsibly with new attitudes towards life and humankind holds the key to roll back the pandemic."

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu

In a detailed 1,539-word article dealing at length, the philosophical and moral issues thrown by the COVID-19 pandemic and the way life needs to be lived henceforth.

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The Vice President suggested a 12-point new normal of living during Corona times.

  • Be aware that life is precious and to be lived meaningfully in harmony with nature and fellow beings
  • Know that what affects one person anywhere affects everyone everywhere, be it the disease or economy. Realize that your life depends on that of the other and vice versa and that the lives are inter-connected
  • Rationally analyse the impact on the spread of the virus before undertaking every movement or action
  • Know that every challenge has a solution and it would come as soon as possible given the global efforts that are on
  • Don't respond impulsively to the uncertainty and be guided by rationality keeping faith in science and technology
  • Adapt to the situation with confidence instead of panicking
  • Stay put with behavioural changes ushered in during the lockdown so far by wearing masks, maintaining physical distance and ensuring hygiene
  • Change old habits of thinking and working by acquiring new ones to meet the demands of time besides thinking positively and exercising regularly along with Yoga and Meditation
  • Prevent stigmatisation so that the infected volunteer for treatment;
  • Check disinformation and prejudices against fellow citizens labelling them as carriers of the virus
  • All forms of media should disseminate correct and scientific information instead of presenting the disease as a catastrophe
  • Let the sense of collective helplessness be replaced by the spirit of the virtue of living interconnected with the attendant shared destiny.

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