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How romanticising terrorist funerals in Kashmir has led youth to take up arms


Terrorists are a problem, no doubt, but their funerals are a bigger headache. In recent times, one has witnessed huge gatherings at funerals of terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir.

For the security forces, it is nothing but a headache. While law and order is one problem, the other is regarding the romanticising of the cause. The youth, in particular, pose the biggest problem in such issues.

How romanticising terrorist funerals in Kashmir has led youth to take up arms

Since 2016 this has been an increasing phenomenon. What is worrisome is that the crowds are huge and this has attracted a lot of youth towards terrorism. They feel that they too must get this kind of adulation and hence are being drawn into the terror rung, explains an official.

The Jammu and Kashmir police have been instructed to look into this issue and take stern action. The crowds must be controlled and such massive funerals must be prevented at any cost, the report to the police states.

The report further states that such gatherings tend to romanticise and also glamourise the terrorists.

Further intelligence reports also added that several youth have taken to terror due to such funerals. It has been noticed that the youth had joined the terror groups after attending the funerals of terrorists.

What has also been worrisome is that not just the locals, but even the foreign terrorists have been getting similar funerals. The problem does not end with just the funeral. Multiple funeral prayers are held and such instances have found an increase especially in south Kashmir. The most number of funeral prayers offered in recent times was to Abu Qasim, the Pakistani terrorist who was killed in an encounter. Following this, all foreign terrorists killed in encounters were buried in north Kashmir where the traction is lesser when compared to the southern part of the state.

A host of measures have been suggested. First and foremost the local intelligence needs to be spruced up. It has been noticed that even terrorists on the wanted list have attended these funerals in full public glare. Secondly, those maulanas must be taken to task for allowing the public address systems in Mosques to chant praises of the terrorists.

Such things only influence the youth further. They find it heroic to be terrorist and when the Mosques blare praises of the terrorists, the youth tend to get swayed, officials also point out.

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