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How Priya Prakash Varrier’s winks are ‘saving’ us from untimely deaths due to Modi govt’s shocks


New Delhi, April 17: Those who are wondering why the nation is swooning over the winks of a teenage actress from the Malayalam film industry, there is a simple answer to it. It is not just her charm, beauty and that enticing smile to die for. It is our times, the horrid period we are living in, as critics of the Narendra Modi government say.

We all need distraction when petrol has become 'pricey' at Rs 74 per litre, there are no jobs to buy expensive petrol and equally expensive vegetables, women can't step out of their homes without thinking twice if she would be raped and killed and farmers are forced to kill themselves for failing to repay loans amounting to just a few thousand bucks but billionaires are allowed to fly away stealing billions more to foreign shores, to name a few pet peeves of the Modi government critics.

Priya and Modi

In February, a clip from the upcoming Malayalam film, Oru Adaar Love, went viral on social media. The clip was from a song-- Manikya Malaraya Poovi--from the unreleased film in which young and beautiful actress, Priya Prakash Varrier, was filmed winking at her male friend.

The wink not only brought a shy smile on the face of Priya's celluloid friend but ignited an untouched, raw passion among her fans. The wink directly hit the audience (read mostly males) at their hearts. Priya became an overnight sensation as every second girl (including some established actresses) attempted to wink like the starlet.

Reports say, Priya has winked again, this time for a television advertisement, and once again her fans are loving it. Actually, Priya should wink daily and relentlessly to keep us little sane in these highly distressing times.

When Priya with her wink teases us onscreen, our deflated souls due to the never-ending chaos around us, uplift to unimaginable heights. Her wink is the elixir we all need to escape our dark realities.

Her latest wink has been hailed as "hot" by those who like to be little aggressive in life and others, those who are meek and men of a few words, simply called Priya as "beautiful".

To keep everyone engaged by repeating the same act like Priya did with her wink requires a lot of courage and intellect. Priya, perhaps, like our PM Modi has the chutzpah to "promise" the same thing again and again but never fulfilling it.

Nonetheless, like her male fans hoping to have a girlfriend or wife like Priya, Indians too are waiting for achhe din of Modi. When times are bad, hope, even if it is false, keeps us alive.

While the likes of Yashwant Sinha and Rahul Gandhi can continue attacking the Modi government, normal mortals who are likely to be arrested for their angst against the ruling regime on social media should keep enjoying the wink of Priya.

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