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How much time does ISRO have to track Vikram Lander?


Bengaluru, Sep 10: In its latest update, ISRO said that the Vikram Lander has been located by the Orbiter by there has been no communication with it as yet. All efforts are being made to track the lander, ISRO also said.

The question is how long can ISRO take to communicate with the lander? The pre-launch estimates stated that the lander would get clear sunlight for 14 earth days or one lunar day.

How much time does ISRO have to track Vikram Lander?

This means that ISRO can keep trying for one lunar day. After this would be a long cold night and during this time the systems will not survive. This means that ISRO would have to make contact within 14 earth days.

ISRO has been using its 32 metre antenna installed at Byalalu. The lander is equipped with three transponders and a phased array antenna. Until now, ISRO has not communicated with the lander. This means there is no information as yet on whether the systems on the lander are in good condition or have been damaged.

Is the Vikram Lander intact? Conflicting reports add to confusion

    ISRO spots Vikram Lander on lunar surface, orbiter captures image

    Had Vikram landed as planned, it would have picked up the sun's energy and also generated power. In addition to this there is also a battery. ISRO is yet to confirm if the lander is generating power or not. ISRO chairman, Sivan says that they are still analysing the data. ISRO is yet to confirm if some of the systems on the lander have been damaged due to a hard landing.

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