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How long would the Blue Whale keep destroying young lives?

By Shreya

An online game, which has been able to attract impressionable, kids - has played havoc with the minds of the children as well as their parents. Already a number of deaths have been attributed to this horrific online game, including in India.

The game starts with easy but curious tasks which are neither fatal nor self-harming, however, as one proceeds with the game, the tasks become self-harming, suicidal and ends with death.

How long would the Blue Whale keep destroying young lives?

What started with Russia, soon spread its tentacles over the world owing to the increasing exposure of kids to the internet. The catch in the game is that once someone starts playing the game there is no option of opting out of it.

The game starts with tasks that demand the kid to isolate himself or herself to waking up during the later hours at night and watch horror movies, sitting on the edge of the roof, drawing a whale on the body with blood. And lastly, ends with suicide.

    Blue whale Challenge: Here is the man behind the deadly game | Oneindia News

    The game is neither available on any kind of app or does not have any particular website. A network of Blue Whale challenge organisers conducts the game and delegates tasks to the participants. Their target is impressionable kid undergoing mental trauma or some illness. They further exploit the child's mental condition and push him towards taking his or her own life.

    Journalist Pritika Dutta stressed on parents-kids relationship, she said, "If kids are close to their parents and share their thoughts with them, then they can tell their parents or elders that they got this sort of links. For that elders should not dictate anything. In today's day and age, everyone is busy. Elders or parents don't get much time to spend time with their kids. Spending time is important."

    Shreyosi Mazumzar, Corporate lawyer, and mother of one said, "I make sure that internet activities are strictly under adult supervision. Also, I have opted for the age o method of scaring my child with ghosts and how they are lurking in the background of these games. The moment they find the kids alone, they pounce on them. This has done the trick."

    Like Shreyosi, many parents have opted for this trick. However, kids keep falling into the trap of the game. Doctors recommend a more open kids and parents relationship and also to look after the fact that the kid is not depressed. The question remains, how long would the game keep ruining the lives of kids and parents?

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