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How chat2hire, xTrust and q-Whisper elicited information from the BrahMos techie


Lucknow, June 28: Sejal Kapoor stated on Facebook that she is an employee with a firm called Growth Company. Her name cropped up following the investigation into the BrahMos spy case of 2018. Following the arrest of Nishant Agarwal in connection with the infamous BrahMos case, Sejal's Facebook page cropped up.

How chat2hire, xTrust and q-Whisper elicited information from the BrahMos techie

The Uttar Pradesh Anti Terrorism Squad told a court here that Agarwal had downloaded three types of spyware on the instructions of the lady.

Brahmos spy case: Lured with a job, how Agrawal set a trap for himself

The ATS said that it found on Agarwal's personal computer communications between him and at least three women- Sejal Kapoor, Neha Sharma and Pooja Ranjan. These were fake IDs of members part of the Pakistan spy agency.

Further the ATS also said that it had zeroed in on the communication between Agarwal and Sejal Kapoor who chatted with an ID called sejal1195@yandex.com. Further the ATS said that he was asked to download the spyware, chat2hire, xTrust and q-Whisper.

In one of the chats, she says install the whisper application, check your desktop, open it and then send me the code. Let us talk there. She then goes on to state that it is a chat application and everyone in the UK are using it.

The other application she speaks about is Gravity Rat. Both these applications are Malware. After the application is downloaded, it prompts the user to enter a code. Once this is done, it scans all the applications on the desktop which includes attachments on mails.

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