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How Are Smartphones Transforming Online Gaming?

By Anuj Cariappa
Google Oneindia News

Mobile gaming is growing bigger and faster than any other gaming platform. The fact that mobile games had the biggest share in the global gaming revenues in 2018 testifies to the growing supremacy of smartphones as the most popular gaming platform. Also, with smartphone technology witnessing innovation and advancement at an unprecedented pace, the days ahead will undoubtedly witness an even greater dominance of smartphones as a gaming platform over other gaming devices such as PCs and consoles.

How Are Smartphones Transforming Online Gaming?

Smartphones have greatly influenced the growth of the online gaming industry in multiple ways, which include attracting many more gamers and changing gamer demographics, and fuelling game development. Here are some reasons for the fast growth of mobile gaming:

Advanced Smartphone Technology

Unlike their predecessors, which were limited to phone functionality, new-generation smartphones have been game changers in the true sense.

The touchscreen feature of smartphones, coupled with their easy interface, scores a big win for smartphones against other gaming devices. The capability of smartphones to enable gamers to play skill games such as the rummy card game on the go has redefined the way people perceive and play games in modern times.

Mobile gaming has an edge over console gaming as the latter restricts people's movement despite having advanced technological features such as gesture detection and motion sensing. Technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and cloud storage have bridged the gap between mobile phones and consoles in terms of the processing power, image resolution and storage capacity.

Easy Distribution of Games

Earlier the rigmarole of distributing games physically in the form of CDs, etc. cost game publishers much higher than in current times. The advent of smartphones has been a boon to the gaming industry. Today games can be easily downloaded onto smartphones using a mobile internet connection. The ease of distribution of games has contributed to the reduction in their production costs, which encourages game developers and allows them to spend more on developing more games and innovation in gaming technology.

In fact, it is one of the main reasons that have spurred the growth of the mobile game industry and encouraged funding initiatives for innovation in gaming. From simple 2D games to augmented reality (AR) games, smartphones today are capable of supporting all feature-rich games and enable you to play games such as rummy online enjoying an enhanced gaming environment.

Immersive Multiplayer Gaming

The concept of playing rummy with only your family, neighbours or friends is passé. Smartphone technology has made it possible to play the rummy game using the Rummy app and with any players from across the world. You can enjoy playing the rummy card game with any seasoned or new players online. And, it is also possible to share, invite and enjoy rummy games with friends and family across geographical boundaries.

The immersive design of mobile games has the capability to virtually transform any place into a casino or gaming arena and take the gaming experience to an altogether new level.

Technology has made very fast progress in the recent past creating huge waves of changes across industries, and gaming, which was considered a personal pastime until a decade ago, has become one of the fastest-growing industries with the advancement of smartphone technology and an incredibly quick adoption of smartphones. The future of the mobile gaming industry is definitely bright.

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