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Help us purify jihad in India: Declassified letter to Osama states

By Vicky

Kashmir based jihadi groups had pleaded with Osama Bin Laden to help purify jihad in India and also termed the Pakistan's spy agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence as deceitful. A declassified letter written by Ilyas Kashmiri, the head of the al-Qaeda's 313 Brigade, tells of how upset jihadi groups in India were with the ISI.

Help us purify jihad in India: Declassified letter to Osama states

Kashmiri, the former Pakistan military commander who went on to join the al-Qaeda, sought Laden's help in plotting a major strike against the ISI. 'Only if we strike hard as the ISI will jihad in India be purified,' he had written.

The letter is part of the thousands of files that were declassified by the CIA. The letter goes on to state that the ISI is known for using non-state groups as assets and then discard them once their capabilities are exhausted.

'Purify jihad in India'

In the letter, Kashmiri writes, 'Honorable Shaykh, you know that in the previous years, we worked in India under the name 313. Media says that the group with this name belongs to al-Qaeda. Should we continue with this name or change it to some other name.'

He further says that it is time to pull the rug from under feet of the ISI. 'I have spoken to some brothers from India. How do we pull the rug from under their feet who conduct jihad for the benefit of the Pakistani intelligence? We need to show what true jihad is. What do you suggest,' Kashmiri also asks.

Bin Laden replies to this letter in August 2010 without making a reference to the ISI. Writing under the name Zamari, Laden says, 'We have important work to do. Shaykh Mahmud will inform you about the details. I hope that you will carry out this work in the best possible way you can. I will pray to God to grant you success and hope that we can maintain our correspondence.'

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