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Help Lakshmi In Saving Her Newborn!

"When I first saw my baby, happiness poured out in form of tears. My pregnancy wasn't easy but the moment I held him for the first time, all my worries and pain disappeared," says Lakshmi, who now is struggling to save her premature baby. Her newborn is in a ventilator and is striving to become normal.

Help Lakshmi In Saving Her Newborn!

This is Lakshmi's first child. She and her husband had prepared to welcome the baby in the best possible way. Her husband had worked overtime at his cell phone repair shop so that he could save up to provide for the baby.

"He never wanted to let the baby have any sort of requirement. Even though he didn't manage to bring home a lot of money, he still used to save enough for his baby. With care in his mind and love in his heart, he would work religiously just to save extra money. He would wake up in the wee hours of the morning to open up the shop early. He would work till late at night and stick to this routine, without taking a break. All he wanted was to provide for his baby."

"We were experiencing some financial problems but he wouldn't have let that come in the way of taking care of the baby. My husband was looking forward to becoming a father and it was hard for him to contain his excitement," says Lakshmi.

"My husband would work day and night and then come back home to take care of me and the baby. Even though times were difficult for us, he still managed to strike the right balance between his work and personal life. He has been the only support system throughout," she adds.

Help Lakshmi In Saving Her Newborn!

Premature births are common, but in some cases, the health of the child is severely affected. This was also the case with Lakshmi's newborn.

Lakshmi goes on to state that the first few months into her pregnancy were smooth sailing. "We were all set for the due date but fate clearly had other plans for my child. I went into labour early due to some complications and the baby was delivered earlier than expected. I never even got to hold my child properly in my arms. The minute he was born, the doctors took him away. They noticed something wrong with the baby. And after a while, I came to know that my baby was suffering from premature birth defect. He wasn't able to breathe and was put on ventilator support."

"It's hard for me to see my child suffering this way. One can only imagine what I have been going through, seeing my own son battling between light and darkness, each passing day. He is still on the ventilator and has started suffering from severe calcium deficiency. He is also having neonatal seizures which make his body tremble uncontrollably. I keep praying for his recovery. My first child is in dire need of support and the only way we can is with the help of money and that is the only thing we do not have," she adds.

The baby has been undergoing treatment in the NICU, which is costing the family Rs. 25,000 daily. He has been in the hospital for a month and Lakshmi and her husband have already spent Rs. 12 Lakh on the baby's treatment. "While we constantly worry about our son's life, we also have the added worry of arranging money each day to pay the bills. All our savings have been wiped out and if we can't arrange funds in time, we may have to stop our baby's treatment," says the devastated mother.

The family needs Rs. 8 Lakh more for their son's treatment and have started a fundraiser for the same.

Help Lakshmi In Saving Her Newborn!

"We want to take him home as soon as possible. He has suffered enough and we want to shower him with love and see him healthy. I'm pleading you all to help my son and my family by generating the amount we need. Help our baby survive. Help our child to see the broad day's light. I and my wife, Lakshmi will forever be indebted for your help. Please help our child live through this lifetime," says the baby's father.

Let's join hands in helping and serving humanity. Any contribution from your end can make a huge difference in the baby's life. Help Lakshmi save her baby.

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