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Former-techie travels across the country, does 28 jobs in 28 weeks !


Jubanashwa Mishra
Bhubaneswar, March 7: In a society which values a steady, successful career and money more than anything else, here is a man who decided to do something different. The 29-year-old former-engineer from Bhubaneswar tried out 28 new jobs in 28 weeks ! The jobs took him to all 28 states in India, where he lived for one week each.

And guess the jobs he did - He worked as a photographer, a teacher, a film executive, an emotional support consultant, a river rafting guide and even as a cremation assistant.

Jubanashwa Mishra started the project in May 2013 after leaving his job as a software engineer in Chennai. He took up jobs like a tea-picker in Assam, a hardware store assistant in Nagaland, an emotional support consultant in Karnataka, a polyfarm worker in Uttarakhand and a cremation assistant in Uttar Pradesh.

What motivates him to travel across the country and try out different jobs? Here is what he told the media:

"Due to parental intervention and lack of guidance most youngsters in India get stuck in the medical-or-engineering dilemma and end up living someone else's dream. I want to help break that trend and encourage others to do what they love."

Mishra told UK-based Daily Mail that working as a pre-school teacher in Hyderabad was the hardest job he undertook during the project. "To be around 20 two-year-old kids who are crying around you in a small room and your job is to console them is difficult".

(See more pictures from his journey)

Mishra now works as a writer and motivational speaker in his home state Odisha.

The project he started, One week Job India, has a huge following on social networking sites. The Facebook page One Week Job India has more than 8000 likes.

Mishra's journey has been featured across the media, both Indian and international. Also, Mishra delivered a passionate speech on the importance of following once dreams, at the prestigious TEDxLBSIM event.

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