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Finally dead: Why Baghdadi had faked his death so many times in the past


New Delhi, Oct 28: The worlds most dangerous terrorist, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead. US President Donald Trump confirmed on Sunday that the chief of the Islamic State, Baghdadi had been killed in US action.

News regarding his death had been floating for several years now. However, there was never any official confirmation and it had been found that Baghdadi was just faking his death to avoid action against him.

File photo of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

While each time, the news of his death was proved wrong, this time around there is official confirmation. It was in the year 2016 that Amaq, the official news agency of the ISIS had said that Baghdadi had died.

Sadddam former army officer Abdullah Qadarsh is new chief of Islamic StateSadddam former army officer Abdullah Qadarsh is new chief of Islamic State

It is true that Baghdadi was out of the limelight since the past three years. There were reports that he had been injured and hence had taken a back seat. In fact, he had not even made an official statement following the deadly Paris attack.

Normally in the aftermath of such a massive attack, there is always a statement from the chief of the outfit which carried out the attack. At that time, analysts said that there was a good chance that he was faking his death to avoid the heat.

Baghdadi stayed out of the limelight for long. He would release audio and video clips at regular intervals, but since 2015, the frequency dropped considerably. The last message he released was in September.

Baghdadi had in September released an audio message with the title 'Do Deeds.' In the 30-minute audio clip, the supreme commander of the ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi called on cadres of his outfit to resist and lead the fight for the next five years.

He told the cadres to have good faith in Islam and also adds that the results are in the hands of Allah.

He further spoke about the active cells of the ISIS and adds that the daily operations are underway.

Daily operations are on at different fronts, Baghdadi said in the audio clip that was published by the Al Furqan network. He said that the ISIS cells are still active in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and Tunisia.

This was the first clip by Baghdadi in five months. The frequency of the clips had gone down drastically and this signalled that his health had deteriorated drastically or the outfit had made some very heavy losses.

Baghdadi dead: It is a great day for AmericaBaghdadi dead: It is a great day for America

The last clip that Baghdadi released was in April and this was after a span of 5 years. He was seen sitting cross-legged in that video. He looked heavier when compared to 2014 when his first images were released.

Since 2016 there have been numerous claims about the death of ISIS chief, who calls himself the Caliph. Russia had claimed that he had been killed, following which Amaq, the official news agency of the ISIS had also said that their leader had died.

After his first video in 2014, he would post several audio clips calling on the ISIS fighters to attack.

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