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Fake voter ID: 'I am a BJP worker, Manjula is my aunt', says whistleblower Rakesh


BJP worker Rakesh, from whose "rented" apartment 9,746 voter IDs were found arrived at the press conference on Wednesday in Bengaluru, leading to a scuffle between media personnel and BJP leaders as reporters try to talk to Rakesh regarding voter ID scandal.

Speaking on the issue, Rakesh, a BJP supporter said,''I have no connection with that flat, neither do I have no relations with that aunt (Manjula Nanjundmuri) for last 10 years.''

Fake voter ID: I am a BJP worker, Manjula is my aunt, says whistleblower Rakesh

''I was observing the place for the last few days. Got suspicious about something in the apartment. Sent one of my guys. He went and checked through the window and told me about the voter ids. I am a BJP worker and have RSS roots. Manjula is my aunt,'' said Rakesh, whistleblower.

''We only searched the house when we got confirmation of voter IDs being stacked inside, we had been watching how cars were coming and leaving from there frequently,'' said Rakesh.

The flat owner Manjula Nanjamari on Wednesday also further clarified that the property was not rented by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) supporter Rakesh, as alleged by the Congress.

"The tenants are Rekha and Rangaraju, this is fake news that Rakesh is the tenant," Nanjamari told ANI, and added that she has not been in touch with Rakesh and his family.

Earlier, Sridhar Nanjamari rebuffed such allegations and told he was the only son of Manjula Nanjamuri.

"I am the only son of Manjula Nanjamari. Rakesh is my mother's nephew's son and he has got no connections with the flat in Park View apartment, as is what claimed in media," Sridhar said, and added that the flat has been rented to Rangaraju who pays rent for it every month.

Earlier in the day, the Election Commission officials seized printers from the flat.

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