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Fact check: Does putting mustard oil into the nose kill coronavirus


New Delhi, May 20: There is a message that has been circulating on social media that applying mustard oil to one's nostrils can kill the virus in a person's stomach.

Fact check: Does putting mustard oil into nose kill coronavirus

The claim that is that the putting drops of mustard oil into the nose would push the coronavirus into the stomach through the respiratory system where it would be destroyed by juices in the stomach.

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The post says that applying mustard oil inside nose can keep the person safe from the virus for up to eight hours.

Mustard oil does contain some antiviral compounds but there is no proof so far that putting the oil in nose can protect from coronavirus infection.

While the stomach does contain hydrochloric acid in the form of gastric juices it can not be stated that these juices attack SARS-CoV-2.

Mustard oil is proven to assist in digestion, reduce risk of cancer, maintain normal body temperature, has antibacterial and antifungal properties, strengthens red blood cells, maintains cholesterol, and reduces diabetes.

But the role or impact of mustard oil on coronavirus has also not been studied.

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Home remedies are and have always been one of the most popular alternative methods of treatment for minor diseases.

But it is advisable that when it comes to chronic diseases or severe or unknown infections like COVID-19, it is safer to stick to the recommendations of health practitioners.

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