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Fact check: Did Modi use email, digital camera in 1987

By Anuj Cariappa

New Delhi, May 13: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has provided more fodder to several users with his comments. After sharing his wisdom about his 'cloud suggestions on the Balakot air strike, a clip of him saying that he had used a digital camera in 1988 to click a colour photo of L K Advani is also being circulated.

In an interview to News Nation, Modi Says that around 1987-88 he had used the digital camera for the first time. Very few had email at that time. I had a digital camera and I took a photo of Advani and transmitted it to Delhi. Advanji was surprised and asked how did his colour photo appear today.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

The social media was however quick to point out that the first digital camera was sold by Nikon in 1987 and commercial emails were introduced in 1990-95.

Modi's cloud comment and the radar theory explained

Mr Modi is the 1st PM to have- 1. used E-mail service 7 years before it was launched- 2. used Digital camera 8 years before it was introduced- 3. Did the Air strike himself despite heavy CLOUD-4. Ate mango and kept wallet pointed one user.

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