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Explainer: What is parricide and is the phenomenon on verge in India?


New Delhi, Feb 08: A 33-year-old woman techie on Sunday murdered her mother, 54, and stabbed her brother and left as she incorrectly assumed that the brother has died.

The reason she had given to the brother was that she did not want her debtors to hound her family but police is looking for a different motive that is her relationship.

Explainer: What is parricide and is the phenomenon on verge in India?

Again, on Friday, one man in Rajasthan killed his mother by hitting her with a sharp object, because she did not cook for him.

In December, a 21-year-old boy killed his 60-year-old father by banging his head against the floor. The reason was the father broke the sim card of his cellphone.

Though these circumstances are not as rare as they sound you will always catch yourself with extra ears whenever you would hear someone killed their parents.

As our laws do not serve these murderers different punishment from other homicide murderers, there are many researches and studies have been done on parricide.

What is parricide

Parricide is a homicide of one's parents or another close relative within the family.

The cases of parricide attract significant attention of public and media as this is disturbing as a family is considered to be the safest place for anyone.

The parricide-incidents upset the conventional ideas about the intimacy and sanctity of the child-parent relationship.

There are four types of Parricide offender several studies say.

  • Severely abused
  • mentally ill
  • dangerously antisocial
  • underlying anger fueled by alcohol or drugs

What drives a child to kill a parent?

Most of the cases of parricides are the result of conflicted relationships and intense arguments with parents.

The confliction might be followed by history from a bitter childhood.

The confliction that drives adults to parricide is also coupled with mental illness.

Generally, adults are more likely to have planned the murder in advance.

Especially in adult males, there is a high probability of having schizophrenia while other mental disorders include psychotic and depressive disorders.

whereas, adolescent cases often involve severe physical abuse by the parents.

A child that is being abused sometimes overcompensates and takes matters into their own hands either for self-protection or because they simply cannot withstand another day of the mistreatment, suggesting the crime is more likely to be spontaneous.

An abused child sometimes takes matters into their own hands either for self-protection or anger for the mistreatment.

The world can not pass a day without having a crime. But this is fortunate that parricide is not so common in India till today as studies estimate that parricide makes up only 1-4 per cent of homicides.

In general, parricide is committed by males and done to males but the Bangalore techi case instil the fear that has the trend been shifting?

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