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Driver’s premature baby girl waits for treatment in NICU

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Anji and Mangamma, like any other new young parents, were overjoyed to be bringing their first baby into the world. Their little daughter was born on the 30th of May, 2018, and while the couple's happiness flowed, there was also cause for concern. Mangamma and Anji's baby was born severely premature, at the end of only seven months of pregnancy.

Driver’s premature baby girl waits for treatment in NICU

The little girl faced breathing issues and was put on the ventilator immediately. Mangamma and Anji had barely been able to hold her in their arms. The little girl has stayed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) since the day of her birth, covered in tubes and wires and patches of bandages, unable to eat or breathe on her own.

Doctors have told the worried parents that their baby girl will have to stay in the NICU for a while longer, until she is stronger, in better health and can survive in the environment outside. Meanwhile, paying for the baby's healthcare has become a huge problem for her anxious, lower middle-class parents.

Driver’s premature baby girl waits for treatment in NICU

Anji works as a driver and earns Rs.10,000 a month. On this income, he supports his wife and his ageing parents, who have no income of their own. From this salary, once bills were paid and food put on the table, Anji had not been able to set some money aside for emergencies. Now that their baby is sick and in hospital, Anji and Mangamma have borrowed over Rs. 3 lakhs from friends and relatives already to pay treatment costs. They will need about Rs. 8 lakhs to complete their baby girl's treatment, bring her back to full health, and take her home. Raising these funds looks very difficult for the family, almost impossible, and as a last resort, they have started medical crowdfunding.

The fundraiser for Mangamma and Anji's baby is accepting donations now. The couple have put their faith in people they may not even know to make a difference to their lives and help save their baby life. Donate or share the fundraiser to help.

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