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'Dr.dog' heals children with autism, cerebral palsy in Kolkata

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Kolkata, Nov 20: The most beautiful and innocent spices in the world is perhaps kids and animals. Both are God's most precious creations. They are the natural companions. And this companionship can bring immense difference in the mental and physical health of any special child. Especially, children with disabilities when their companion is 'Doctor dog' Maggie.

Meet the Dr.dog Maggie who heals children with autism, cerebral palsy

You read it right, Maggie name is very familiar to every child. Similarly 'Dr. Dog' Maggie, a stray dog is also winning the hearts of children in various autism and cerebral palsy organistaions in Kolkata. Such organisations are willingly taking the help of an animal lover Sukanya from Saltlake, Kolkata.

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Sukanya got Maggie when it was a puppy from the street in East Kolkata and brought her in her home. Since then she is taking care of Maggie, who has now turned into a therapist for many specially able children.

Sunkanya once read about dog therapy in the internet. Dog therapy helps to reduce stress, depression, anxiety and social isolation. A Swedish study says that a dog ownership can reduce risk of cardiovascular disease and releases oxytocin which has a calming effect.

According to Bengali news portal 'Pratidin', Dr. Sagnik Mukherjee, a psychologist of Mental Health Research Center Kolkata said that children with autism do not have a 'reciprocal relationship', they also lack in mutual feelings, sentiments or emotions, they also have less communication abilities. Thus, coming in contact with a furry-friend can develop their behaviors and they can easily react or reciprocate to it.

An event named 'Dr. Dog' was organised at a city based child autism organisation. When Maggie was brought in contact with the specially abled children in the event, they touched Maggie's head, some also rubbed the body of the canine and responding to them Maggie wagged it's tail and this is how their relationship developed. A great difference was noticed in the behaviour of the children after the therapy.

Dog therapy is not comprehensible and popular in India yet. Due to lack of awareness this therapy is not favoured in our society as of now. However, Italy's National Institutes of Health, and many well-known health institutions in other countries have given a green signal to this therapy.

Dr. Sagnik Mukherjee also said that dog's are believed to be the best 'social catalyst' for the treatment of mental illness.

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"Dogs are seen as a 'social catalyst' in the treatment of mental illness," said psychologist Sagnik Mukherjee. That catalyst helps to deepen the grief of the mind. It has been observed many times, when the elderly are separated from the family at the end, impossible irritants, that they are able to see a lot of change in their stay with Sarmoy. The same result was found in children with autism disorde

When you pet a dog it produces an automatic relaxation response. Several, research have proved that even if you are just being around any four-legged-friend, it works as a therapeutic effect.

Therefore, bring a new fury-friend at you home and have a healthy life. It can be said now that 'a Dr.dog at home everyday keeps the diseases at bay'.

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