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Do you know what happens when there is 20% shortage of water in the body

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New Delhi, June 25: Did you know a human being can survive without eating for 8 weeks, provided he keeps drinking water from time to time. A person can only survive for four weeks without water. This alone tells you the importance of water.

Do you know what happens when there is 20% shortage of water in the body

The adult body has 60 per cent of water and to survive he or she needs to drink water from time to time. Water has many benefits such as keeping the body temperature balanced. It also moistens the tissues of our eyes, nose and mouth apart from protecting our organs and tissues. Water also supplies nutrition and oxygen to cells.


Shortage of water in our body can have dangerous consequences. Dehydration occurs when the water outflow becomes more than the water we drink. If this issue is not controlled in time then the situation can go from bad to worse. Hence in case of dehydration, a person is given not just water but an ORS formula. ORS is considered to be a life saving solution as it helps remove the lack of water in a dehydrated person.

Dangerous consequences:

A person starts feeling thirsty when there is even 2 per cent shortage of water in the body. When there is shortage of 3 per cent then the thirst starts with burning. The person also starts getting distracted and there is lack of appetite. The skin of the person starts turning red, irritability, his body temperature starts increasing, tiredness starts and the amount of urine also decreases, when there is 4 per cent shortage of water in the body.

When it is 5 per cent shortage then a person starts getting headaches and even feels feverish. A person starts having seizures when the shortage is between 5 and 8 per cent. When the shortage of water is at 20 per cent then there are chances of a person dying also.

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