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Do you enjoy beef? Shh…Don’t make the mistake of revealing like actor Kajol

By Oneindia Staff Writer

The meat lovers of India are in serious trouble--and especially those who love their share of 'beef'. Did we say beef? Sorry, let us issue a clarification before religious sentiments of anyone gets hurt.

After all, in times of gau rakshaks (cow vigilantism), there is a lot of beef about anything 'beef' or 'cow' for that matter.


In order to avoid another Kajolesque slip (we mean Bollywood actor Kajol like mistake), who without thinking twice posted a video on Facebook where she was seen served beef at a friend's restaurant, we have some advice for you. Either don't go near beef or simply enjoy your food in a 'secret' corner.

After she was trolled on social media for her 'beef' indulgence, the 42-year-old actor issued a clarification on Twitter.

The Bengali actor also deleted the video from Facebook. But her attempt to douse fire over 'beef' proved useless as the video already went viral and Kajol was properly reprimanded for enjoying beef--meat of cow which is worshipped in the country.

But, we must say she managed to 'save' her life by issuing clarification on time.

Unfortunately, 52-year-old Mohammad Akhlaq, 55-year-old Pehlu Khan and Assam teenagers--Riazuddin Ali (18) and Abu Hanifa (16)--had no such luxury like Kajol to issue clarification on Twitter that they were not beef eaters and cow smugglers.

All these four have been killed for either allegedly eating beef or smuggling cow by gau rakshaks.

The issue of ban on cow slaughter has been hogging the limelight in recent times, especially in the wake of killing of dairy farmer, Khan, in Alwar, Rajasthan, by a group of gau rakshaks in April.

Cow slaughter laws in India are pretty confusing as different states have different rules and regulations. While in Kerala and in most parts of the Northeast India, cows, bulls and bullocks are allowed to be slaughtered, in several southern and northern parts of India only bulls and bullocks are allowed to be killed.

In states like Maharashtra, none of these animals are allowed to be slaughtered.

Experts say ban on cattle slaughter, including cow, has an adverse impact on farmers as they can't sell their old livestock once they become useless for them. Moreover, many say ban on eating beef is against an individual's right to food.

For millions of poor, especially Dalits and Muslims, beef is their main source of protein, as the red meat is cheaper than pulses.

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