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Do peacocks mate? 'The brahmachari' theory brought "Tears" to my eyes

By Vicky

Alright, the peacock comment has left the nation in splits. It is not sex, but tears that has populated the earth with peacocks. Justice Mahesh Chandra Sharma, judge of the Rajasthan High Court said on Wednesday that peacocks do not have sex. They are celibate or brahmacharis and it is their tears that get the peahen pregnant.

If one does a search on the internet there are posts which speaks about the theory on tears. However this is just a myth. Peacocks do mate like any other bird and peahens do not impregnate by swallowing tears.

Do peacocks mate? 'The brahmachari' theory brought "Tears" to my eyes

Read below what the right and mythological version is:

The real deal:

Male peacock usually spread its tail feathers, strut about shaking the feathers and attract the attention of the female peacock. The female peacocks, often picky, mates with the male peacock who has the largest and most colourful feathers. Male peacocks even dances before the female peacock to impress and to get an indication of consent unlike many human beings.

Once female peacock consents, the male peacocks jumps on the female peacock's back, align its sexual organ known as cloacas and have intercourse.

Male peacocks often part ways with the female peacocks after mating, and in search of new mates. The female peacocks do not expect male peacocks to help it to raise the young ones either.

The mythological version:

This one is an answer we found on Quora:

As per Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna is adorned with peacock feather as a sign of purity. Peacock feather is considered pure because the myth has it that peacocks and peahens do not mate to reproduce, but that the peahen gets impregnated by swallowing peacock's tears.

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