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Dilli Gupshup: Even sadhus don’t want any more built up for Ram Temple after this!


New Delhi, Dec 7: Saints, sadhus and religious leader are fed up with the built up for the Ram Temple without any result. They told Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) leadership in no uncertain terms that this should be the last such gathering. Will health of candidates also be the criteria for tickets distribution in the BJP as even one of its ministers questioned the health issue of his senior colleagues. A senior politicians vying to join the BJP but the party is not ready to accept him in the party fold for his image however the party is ready to take his close aid and former Lok Sabha member. The VHP needs a new set up spokespersons anyone and everyone on television is spoiling the image of the organization with the people, at least this is what they have to say. Some inside stories that are whispered not discussed. Read on...

Dilli Gupshup: Even sadhus don’t want any more built up for Ram Temple after this!

Even sadhus don't want any more built up for Ram Temple after this!

Religious leaders, sadhus and saints that are campaigning for the construction of Ram Temple seems to have fed up with the mobilization exercise again and again. If grapevine is to be believed that they don't want any further built up and that they have made it clear to Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. This should be the last call for the temple and if no one understands it, they should be dealt with differently but people should not be bothered again and again on the same issue. So it means people don't want the issue to be racked up again and again. So the real warning bell for the people dragging the matter if there are any.

VHP to go slow on Shaurya Diwas; to observe it on Gita Jayanti to keep momentum going

Will health also be the criteria for Lok Sabha ticket in 2019?

Will better health be the criterion for tickets in 2019 Lok Sabha elections besides age as one of the important ministers in the Modi government questioned the fitness of some senior ministers in the government recently offering the example of his own by saying that fitness is an important issue. Health of Union finance minister Arun Jaitley, minister of external affairs Sushma Swaraj, Nitin Gadkari and many more in the list. The minister was of the view that the cabinet must be completely fit as it affects performance of the government. The minister did not spare anyone except prime minister Narendra Modi.

Sometimes one plus one don't make two but zero!

Some call him clown (vidushak), some other call him middleman while there are many who call him worthless but this politician is still important in Uttar Pradesh politics who is privy to many secret deals and many understandings reached upon from politics to Bollywood. Still his long pending wish it yet to get fulfilled. Talks about him and a Bollywood actor joining the BJP was doing round but somehow it did not get materialize as the BJP wanted to induct the former Lok Sabha member but was not ready to take the present Rajya Sabha member to its fold. But the former Lok Sabha member was not ready to join the BJP without the Rajya Sabha member but the Rajya Sabha member is still hopeful if some day the BJP may ready to take him in the party fold. In this case one plus one is not two but zero.

VHP to put more pressure on govt to decide Ram Temple issue after Dec 9 rally

VHP preparing a new set of spokespersons for TV debates

Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) is planning to prepare a new set of spokesperson and authorize a few more people to appear on behalf of the organisation on television debates. With the spurt of Ram Janmabhoomi Temple moment, the demand for more and more people appearing for the VHP has increased. The organisation realised that anyone appearing for the organization has actually harmed as they get trapped into the question of journalists arguing the contrary stand. So the organisation will not only scrutinize but also has decide who will appear on televisions. They were of the view that the demand is likely to go further.

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