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Dileep Kumar Kandula Shares His Music Journey of Dilecious Music

By Anuj Cariappa
Google Oneindia News

Robert G. Ingersoll rightly describes Music. He says, "Music expresses feeling and thought, without language; it was below and before speech, and it is above and beyond all words". People associate Music with emotions. There is always a song or tune that you can resonate with under any circumstance. After years of work, Dileep Kumar Kandula finally explored his wish and desire to create music.

Dileep Kumar Kandula Shares His Music Journey of Dilecious Music

Dileep Kumar Kandula is a famous entrepreneur. He has numerous successful start-ups under his belt and has tried his hand at almost everything. However, there was this one thing that always tugged his heart's strings - his desire for music. He had a nagging feeling that he was missing something, and it always left a sense of incompleteness in him. A thought that he had not yet made any music played like a broken record in his mind. Throughout the years, he has achieved immense success, but he was most passionate about music. Hence, he created his latest sensational album called 'Dilecious Music'. The album consists of four tracks - 'Marching of Enchanted Ants',' Dream of Ecstasy', 'Come Along the Way Dear, and 'You are my Something'. Each song possesses an addictive rhythm and beat that compels the listener to move with the beat. His music tracks are going viral with the attention they have been receiving from the likes and shares.

Dileep says that the process of producing music is difficult. It takes countless sleepless nights and self-doubt before you can produce something you relate with and deem closer to perfection. You must have the spirit of a fighter to go through all the trials and tribulations. He says, "Most of the time, artists or musicians are not content with their work, and it is understandable. They always see their work in a new light." He states that during this wonderful journey, whenever he felt his music was not up to his expectations, he would fall into a deep pit of despair. However, his enthusiasm and passion gave him the strength to move forward despite all the hurdles. He is very much content with the audience's reaction and hopes to produce more music in the future that the audience can relate to and shower him with the same love and even more. Dileep's involvement and awareness of music harness a beautiful bond with music that brightens your day.

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