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Did Pakistan use F-16s in the aerial dog fight with India: There is ample proof

By Anuj Cariappa

New Delhi, Mar 28: Did Pakistan use its F-16 against India in last month's aerial dog fight? Pakistan has repeatedly denied using the aircraft in the aerial combat that took place last month a day after India hit a Jaish-e-Mohammad camp in Balakot.

Did Pakistan use F-16s in the aerial dog fight with India: There is ample proof

Pakistan then identified two pilots involved in the battle and the same was revealed in the country's National Assembly. One of the pilots to be praised was Wing Commander Nauman Ali Khan.

A touch of Cold War: India's MiG-21 upgraded by Russia equal to Pak's US-made F-16, says analyst

India Today in a report said that it went through his background. The report cited images that were sourced from the US military which showed the Wing Commander taking part in a joint military exercise with the US Air Force in 2010.

Further the report also scrutinised images and videos from the Pakistan National Day of March 23 2018. In the clips, he is spotted patch displaying 2,000 hours of US supplied jets.

The patch that the pilot puts on the PAF chief's flight suit identifies the squadron as the Pakistan Air Force's F-16 equipped 5th squadron. Further the India Today report says that the open source images and videos that they have investigated show the Air Chief Marshal Anwar Khan greeting Nauman Ali with a pat, apparently for his role in the Indian intrusions.

Here is what US will do, if it finds that Pakistan misused the F-16s

The report says that this sums up that Pakistan had in fact used the F-16 in the combat and this is in violation of the end-user agreement that restrict its use in anti-insurgency operations.

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