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Dharma Sansad resolution says ‘Save Sabarimala equivalent to Ayodhya Movement'


Prayagraj, Jan 31: The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) Dharma Sansad on Thursday adopted a resolution that struggle will be launched to save tradition and belief in Sabarimala, which is equivalent to Ayodhya movement.

The resolution was Proposed by Swami Parmatmanand and seconded by Swami Ayappadas at Kumbh Prayagraj.

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The resolution said that Sabarimala and many other Hindu temples in the country are bound by their own unique traditions and beliefs, which were sanctified by the great Hindu sages of yore.

"However in recent times, one has come across various incidents of maligning these Hindu beliefs and traditions. The Sabarimala temple of South India is one of the most recent examples of this campaign of creating an atmosphere of disrespect against the traditions of Hindu temples. This campaign is sometimes carried out in the name of environment and on other occasions in the name of modernity. The Hindu religion is capable of reforming itself with the changing times and it has been doing so," said the resolution.

Dharma Sansad said that the Christians burnt down the Sabarimala temple in 1950 and the VIGRAH was desecrated.

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"In 1982, the Christian Cross was embedded in the temple. Even now, thousands of muslim women erect a "woman wall" in complete disrespect of the temple's traditions. All these go a long way in exemplifying how widespread this anti-hindu campaign is."

The Dharma Sansad was highly critical of the Kerala government and said in the name of the Supreme Court judgement, the state government has been carrying out an oppressive police action to suppress the Ayyappa devotees.

"This led to the death of 5 devotees and thousands of devotees were arrested. Some 15000 devotees have been arrested on some pretext or the other. Lakhs of devotees formed human chains to defend the puritanical tradition of the temple, but in crass defiance of the traditions and religious beliefs of Hindus, people, who were unworthy of entry into the temple, were allowed entry under disguise."

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Dharma Sansad also said that the repressive Kerala government is carrying out oppression against the Hindus with the help of Jehadi and Communist elements.

"The judiciary and government should keep their distance from the traditions and beliefs of Hindus," said the Dharma Sansad.

Dharma Sansad called upon the Hindus to launch an agitation so that this can transform into a national movement.

Dharma Sansad congratulated the Ayyappa devotees, especially, the women, NSS, KPMS, SNDP, Arya Samaj, People of Dharma, and other Hindu organisations for having catapulted the Sabarimala struggle onto the same pedestal as the Ayodhya movement.

Earlier while addressing the Dharma Sansad, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Chief RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat also said the Supreme Court had not considered the emotions of crores of Hindus in its verdict allowing women to enter the Lord Ayappa temple in Sabarimala.

The RSS has opposed September 28, 2018, Supreme Court verdict that threw open the doors of the shrine to women of all ages, overturning a decades-old ban on the entry of female devotees between the ages of 10 and 50 years. It has argued that the ruling "violates the customs and traditions of the temple" and are in contravention to the "deity's own rules".

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