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FITTO's Four simple Steps to Identify Risk of Catching Dengue Shock Syndrome

By Anuj Cariappa
Google Oneindia News

Several states in India are grappling with an outbreak of dengue fever this monsoon season. While the administration, healthcare and management systems are preparing for the ominous third wave of Covid, the cases of Dengue is silently on the rise.

Dengue Shock Syndrome Predictor

Dengue, the most common arthropod-borne infection, is endemic in India. In recent years, the country has seen a steady rise in dengue cases and the National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme reported over 1.5 lakh Dengue cases in 2019 alone. While most of these are self-limiting infections and cure themselves within a few days, some patients develop critical illness and may even succumb to the disease.

Talking exclusively to One the acclaimed physician and the founder of FITTO, Dr Abhijit Ray said, "The major cause of death from Dengue Fever is loss of platelets (thrombocytopenia). Deficiency of platelets leads to leakage of fluid form the walls of the blood vessels (internal haemorrhage). This blood loss leads to a state of Shock which is often termed as Dengue Shock Syndrome or Dengue Haemorrhagic Syndrome.

Though the mortality rate of Dengue rarely exceeds 2.5%, the major criteria for concern amongst doctors and patients alike is the fact that there was no method or protocol in place so far to determine which patient will develop shock". An early diagnosis and severity prediction can reduce mortality and morbidity rates effectively.", Dr. Ray added further.

FITTO brings forward an AI-powered technology which can predict patients at risk of suffering from Dengue Shock Syndrome.

All the system needs are the patient's age and 1st 3 days' values of Platelet counts and Haematocrit levels. The patented algorithm has been shown to have a positive predictive value of over 96%.

Early diagnosis of Dengue Shock Syndrome can:

  • Reduce mortality and morbidity rates of Dengue patients
  • Provide hospitals an opportunity to manage the Intensive Care Units properly to patients in need
  • Give patient relatives time to reach out for resources such as blood products and medications in times of crisis

How it works:

To access FITTO Dengue Shock Syndrome Predictor one can visit www.fitto.co.in and click on the DSS Predictor that leads to a short introduction video and the tool itself.

  • Enter patient's name and age
  • Enter first 3 day's value of Platelet counts and Haematocrit Levels.
  • Click on 'Predict DSS' option at the bottom.
  • Your prediction about Dengue Shock Syndrome is on show.

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