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Dear Bhakts, let Rahul rest in peace, he was never relevant and would perhaps never be

By Oneindia Staff Writer

It's a very Indian tradition, even when you are suffering from a mild bout of viral fever, from your relatives to neighbours, all will have a piece of advice for you as how to get relief from the malady. And when the Indian prince (yes, we mean charming Rahul Gandhi), who looks completely distraught these days, is down with 'cancer' called the art of losing elections, even his fierce rivals, the BJP netas are doling out free and earnest advices to Rahul and his grand old party, the Congress. The Congress looks really old like a nonagenarian struggling to stand on its own feet. The Congress house is in a 'mess' facing one of its worst crises since it was formed in 1885.

Let ‘Pappu’ rest in peace

In such a pathetic situation, advices for Rahul are flying thick and fast, like the hero of the Bollywood movie, Flying Jat, who goes by an unusual name, Tiger Shroff. Yes, some die-hard loyalists of the Congress want the scion of the Gandhi family to grow up (we don't know how does one grow up when one is 46 years) like a tiger. His detractors--who have lately taken a slightly magnanimous view on Rahul--had asked him to take permanent sanyas from politics.

Rahul, currently, is leading the most miserable life in India, even miserable than the suicide prone farmers of Andhra Pradesh. At least, they can choose death, when neither the state nor the Centre governments come to their rescue, but Rahul in spite of all the riches can't afford to do so. He like the poor farmers is bereft of friends, but have all the riches (remember all the scams during the UPA-II government?).

Now, all Rahul baba needs is an end of pestering (Rahul do this, Rahul do that...). Maybe, once all these constant​ 'bullies' and 'advices' stop he might leave the fertile land of politics and become a traveller (one of the many career options for a rich person). Otherwise, what else could he do? His family business of politics has made severe losses after the rival business house has started the factory called Modi wave.

The Modi wave has grown into a pan-Indian conglomerate. The powerful conglomerate is swallowing one state after another (look carefully, the Indian map is soaked in saffron colour, these days). Instead of giving Rahul one more chance in the field of statecraft or warning him to leave his political career at once, why not ask him to travel around the world.

Or, let us narrow down the geographical vastness. Let Rahul, like a fakir travel across the country. When we say fakir, we mean a real mendicant, minus the stooges and luxuries, the lonely man on a march to understand the country and its vastness. During his journey he might learn why the country after almost seven decades of the Congress' rule has totally rejected the dreams weaved by the party.

The country really needs a change. Otherwise why from north, east to west, every voter is rejecting the Congress? The answer is written on the wall. It is just that Rahul is living in denial. We hope some travelling will clear his mind. Moreover, he loves to take regular breaks even when Parliament is in session. Happy travelling, Rahul ji!

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