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Daksh’s Heart Is Not Able To Pump Blood, Need Rs 6 Lakh For Surgery

"When I saw my Daksh for the first time, he held on to my fingers tightly with his small hands. Now he screams in agony even if I try to touch him. His clothes are soaked with sweat so much so that I'm scared of him slipping away when I try to hold him. The tubes poke through his fragile body. I watch helplessly as he struggles to free himself of their grip," says Daksh's father.

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Daksh's dad recalls the anticipation, the flurry of activity in the operation theatre and the first time he heard the cry of his precious baby. As he walked into the operation room to finally be able to witness the wonder that their baby is, he was spellbound with happiness and sheer joy.

My Two Month Old Baby’s Heart Is Not Able To Pump Blood

"We were in our own world, cajoling him and staring at him endlessly. He became my best friend since the first moment I laid my eyes on him- just being with him made me happy," says Daksh's mother.

Daksh's mother often found him sweating profusely. She wasn't very concerned because Mumbai's hot and humid weather led to sweating. Their small home in Nalasopara wasn't very ventilated, it was a run-down structure anyway. However, she was extremely puzzled when she found him to be sweaty at the beach, with open and fresh air.

"I was horrified to realize how much he was sweating. I immediately rushed home and removed all his clothes, he still kept sweating. He wailed incessantly and even when I tried to feed him, he refused to eat. I thought opening our windows will help, but I observed that he heaved with torment, he seemed to struggle to even breathe," Daksh's mother.

My Two Month Old Baby’s Heart Is Not Able To Pump Blood

Daksh's parents ran to the nearest hospital, but the local hospital didn't have the required equipment or doctors to even diagnose his condition. They had no option but to run to Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai, which was a 1.5-hour journey from their house. They thought that the 1.5-hour journey would be a one-time thing as surely their baby couldn't have more than a common cold or the seasonal flu.

They couldn't have been more wrong.

The doctors have informed them that their son was suffering from coarctation of the aorta, which basically meant that he wasn't getting enough blood pumped into his system. They were told that the surgery would cost Rs 6 Lakh. He was immediately taken to NICU and their parents weren't even allowed to get close to him. Daksh's dad is a daily wager who struggles to make ends meet. He is still finding it difficult to pay off the diagnostic expenses of Rs 15,000 let alone having anything left to contribute towards their son's surgery.

"We didn't know much about his condition except the fact that our baby might die if he doesn't undergo the operation as soon as possible. Our 2-month-old is suffering and we can do nothing but watch him struggle. My heart yearns to touch him and comfort him, but I stand helplessly, peering through a glass door," whimpers Daksh's mother.

My Two Month Old Baby’s Heart Is Not Able To Pump Blood

"My 2-month-old suffers as I watch him helplessly, he writhes in discomfort as the tubes surrounding him shackle him. His heart is not pumping enough blood into his system and a surgery is his only hope. The surgery costs Rs 6 Lakh and as a daily wager, I can barely visualize this amount, let alone be able to pay it, " says Daksh's dad.

Daksh's surgery requires Rs 6 Lakh and the family has no other way than to opt for crowdfunding. Let's join hands to help this family who is in dire need of our help. Even the smallest contribution made by us can be of great help. Let's help Daksh survive.

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