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Coronavirus can remain upto 24 hours on cardboard, 7 days on face masks


New Delhi, Apr 21: As the Experts are still learning about how the coronavirus survives and spreads, including how temperature affects that process, a new Lancet study found that Coronavirus could live up to three days on a plastic or stainless steel doorknob and 7 days on face masks.

Coronavirus can remain upto 24 hours on cardboard, 7 days on face masks

A preliminary study released last week also showed that the coronavirus could be aerosolized, which means it could potentially live in the air. It could live up to three days on some surfaces. The study also said that the concentration of the virus on all surfaces reduced quite rapidly over time.

However, the study is not yet peer-reviewed. That means that other experts have not had the chance to check the quality of the research, and its not advised that doctors use it in a clinical setting. But as people try to cope with the disease, it's being widely read.

But the Hong Kong team also found that common household disinfectants, including bleach, were effective in "killing" the virus.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization said, ''You can catch COVID-19, no matter how sunny or hot the weather is. Countries with hot weather have reported cases of COVID-19.''

Air - 3 hours

Copper - 4 hours

Cardboard - 24 hours

Wood- 2 days

Cloth - 2 days

Stainless steel - 2-3 days

Polypropylene plastic - 3 days

Glass - 4 days

Paper money 4 days

Outside of surgical mask - 7 days

However, regularly touched objects and surfaces should be cleaned frequently with appropriate agents, and you should wash your hands properly or use a hand sanitiser with at least 62 per cent alcohol after touching them.

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