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“Connecting With Yourself”: Vishal Jacob’s Pursuit To Unveil The Key To Find Your Authentic Self

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When someone asks you, "Who are you?", how do you usually respond? Does it most of the times, go like, "I am a marketing executive" or "I am a yoga teacher" or "I'm a multi-passionate entrepreneur?" Pause. And reflect. Aren't these answers you're giving much less about who you are, and more about what you do?

You define and identify yourself by what can be termed as an 'outer label.' Or, to put it another way, you portray yourself as your 'fictional self'-the person that the world has told you to be.

“Connecting With Yourself”: Vishal Jacob’s Pursuit To Unveil The Key To Find Your Authentic Self

But is it truly who you are from deep within? Cent percent, you're not. More than often you feel that you're out of alignment and much disconnected from your true self. So much so, that it becomes hard to recollect who the real you is any more. Rather than plain sailing, your life has become disoriented, or maybe even a little numb and out of whack.

Relatable? If it is, do not worry; you are not alone. Under the burden of societal pressures, most of us have forgotten what it means to be our 'authentic self' and how we can go about being unabashedly true to ourselves.

And that's exactly the void what Vishal Jacob's new book "Connecting With Yourself-Why We Think, Feel & Act The Way We Do" aims to bridge. It sheds light on one of the most important facets that our generation happens to miss out on-the interesting journey of discovering your truest, unapologetic self.

While introducing his book, digital-media-marketing-professional-turned-author, Jacob reveals, "Not many people know themselves deeply enough. Our schools and colleges never taught us the art of introspecting and discovering ourselves." And there's no doubt about it.

Most of us attended school with nothing beyond the intention of living up to the expectations of our parents and teachers. And it is from that very moment that we started moulding our adult selves maintaining alignment with the expectations of society. And somewhere whilst keeping up with expectations of the external world, we lost touch with our internal universe-the rudimentary elements that make us who we really are.

Jacob's journey of finding his crude self started by asking himself why he thought, felt and acted the way he did. "I believe that staying connected to my sense of self is the reason I have enjoyed the experiences life has thrown my way. The more I have walked down this path the more I have looked forward to this never-ending journey," he asserts.

And that's exactly the reason why Jacob decided on penning down those same ideologies that always aided him to remain connected to his inner self. It aims at kindling the fire of self-discovery, alongside providing the reader with a starting point of why he/she thinks, feels and acts the way they do!

"Connecting With Yourself" indeed explains some interesting facts about the human brain that every individual should be aware of. It unbolts the doors to thoroughly understanding ourselves, and even others, better than we ever thought.

And keeping in the author's deep experience pertaining to leading and mentoring multiple teams, each word and piece of advice seems all the more relevant. Jacob has watched and learned from those experiences that teams who bring out their best are actually the ones with individuals who are deeply connected to themselves.

Ones who are aware as much of their rationality (or lack thereof) in thought and action as they are aware of their feelings. They are individuals who are secure and confident in themselves. Their unique ability to introspect helps them become open and accepting of others, consequently, leading to better team dynamics. And that's exactly why the ability to connect with oneself becomes a crucial skill-set for both an individual's personal, as well as professional growth.

That's exactly what has led Jacob to summarize his learnings (in the form of a paperback) pillared on the prerequisites of self-discovery: perceptions, growth, decisions, habits, willpower and happiness. All of it drawn heavily from concepts in neuroscience and psychology.

This is why "Connecting With Yourself" puts forth a much logical and an unprecedented outlook of what it means to stay connected to oneself.

Also, any royalty earned from the book will be given to the Passion Fruit Foundation, which was started in order to help and empower people discover and follow their passion. Find further details on the website connectingwithyourself.com.

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