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Complaints stack up as Karnataka Lokayukta extends leave again


New Delhi, Aug 31: The functioning of the Karnataka Lokayukta has come to a complete standstill. Justice Y Bhaskar Rao, the Lokayukta of Karnataka has yet again extended his leave till September 30th and what is surprising is that the work has not been delegated to the Upa-Lokayukta.

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This is the second time that the Lokayukta is extending his leave.

Kar: Lokayukta extends leave again

He has been on leave since July 17th and was scheduled to return on August 17th. He however extended his leave till August 31.

Sorry state of affairs:

Justice Santhosh Hegde, former Lokayukta of Karnataka tells OneIndia that he feels sorry to read about the affairs in the Lokayukta's office. The Karnataka Lokayukta had earned the reputation as the best in the country and it is high time that all issues need to be resolved in the interest of the public.

Complaints have been stacking up in Lokayukta and with no charge being handed over to the Upa-Lokayukta, the issue of pendency is only getting worse. Allegations of corruption had rocked the Lokayukta and a Special Investigating Team has been constituted to probe into the matter.

Justice Rao's son, Ashwin Rao was arrested in connection with the corruption case along with others. The SIT had even prepared a questionnaire for Justice Rao, but since he has been on leave the same could not be handed over to him.

Complainants have been put to extreme hardship and do not know where to voice their grievances. The Lokayukta was to send a report on at least 90 complaints to the Government of Karnataka, but these files have stacked up as Justice Rao is on leave.

Justice Hegde says that while the Lokayukta is entitled to take leave, he should have handed over charge to the Upa-Lokayukta. Had he done this, work would not have come to a standstill, Justice Hegde also adds.

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