Chhota Rajan can still be an asset, if India wants him to be

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Mumbai, Nov 3: After the arrest of Chhota Rajan there have been debates on the utility of the man. Whether he is still useful for the Indian agencies or is he a spent force? For the time being Rajan has been talking a lot about Dawood Ibrahim and the information that he is giving out is already well known to all of us.

Sources in the Intelligence Bureau say that from Rajan what they want is details of the financial network of Dawood Ibrahim more than the location of the Karachi based don which is already well known.

Chhota Rajan

Whatever, the case may be, Rajan's arrest will not be a waste in terms of information gathering, the officer also informed.

How Rajan can help weaken Dawood?

Rajan has his cronies who are active in Mumbai. There is a considerable part of the underworld that is still controlled by Rajan.

In addition to this Rajan and Dawood have interests in the diamond business in Africa and they may have crossed paths several times in a bid to outdo each other.

Rajan will be helpful in providing information about the routes that are used by the D gang when it comes to smuggle of arms, drugs and also diamonds. I

If these routes are discovered and neutralized, it would help in weakening Dawood's financial empire.

However, India would be extremely interested in putting an end to the D empire within the country. Dawood men operate out of various locations in India which includes Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Information regarding the men who control the syndicate in these states will be extremely handy in the fight against the D Gang and Rajan may just have those answers.

Cooperation is need of the hour:

Rajan can still be an asset provided there is no turf war between the police. The Delhi and the Mumbai police are famous for trying to outdo each other. India cannot afford such ego clashes when it comes to Rajan who is a major catch.

The information needs to be gathered by the officials and action ought to be taken if we have to get near to breaking the D empire, a senior official informed.

Whether the probe is conducted by the Mumbai or Delhi police, senior officials in the government would keep a close watch.

Senior officials of the Intelligence Bureau will be present at all times to collect information and ensure that the same is made actionable.

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