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BJP spent only 74 per cent of its total income declared in 2017-18


New Delhi, Dec 17: The BJP has declared total income of Rs 1,027.339 crore during FY- 2017-18, but spent only 74% (Rs 758.47 crore) of the total income while BSP's total income was Rs 51.694 crore of which the party spent only 29% (Rs 14.78 crore).

BJP spent only 74 per cent of its total income declared in 2017-18

Association for Democratic Reforms says that the NCP is the only party to have spent more than its total income during FY- 2017-18. While declaring an income of Rs 8.15 crore, the party spent Rs 8.84 crore, an excess of Rs 69 lakhs.

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Between FY 2016-17 and 2017-18, the income of BJP decreased by 0.67% (Rs 6.93 crore) from Rs 1034.27 crore during FY 2016-17 to Rs 1027.34 crore during FY 2017-18.

Between FY 2016-17 and 2017-18, the income of BSP decreased by 235.78% (Rs 121.88 crore) from Rs 173.58 crore during FY 2016-17 to Rs 51.694 crore during FY 2017-18 while the income of NCP decreased by 111.47% (Rs 9.085 crore) from Rs 17.235 crore during FY 2016-17 to Rs 8.15 croreduring FY 2017-18.

6 National parties collected 86.91% (Rs 1,041.80 cr) of their total income from Voluntary contributions for FY- 2017-18.

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During FY- 2017-18, out of the 6 National Parties, only BJP declared receiving an income of Rs 210 crore from Contribution through Electoral Bonds.

Rs 714.57 crore was income generated through other contributions by National parties during FY- 2017-18.

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