Bihar explosion aimed at helping prisoners flee?

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Was the blast at the court in Arrah Bihar aimed at aiding some prisoners to escape? In the confusion that prevailed following the blast, two criminals Akhilesh and Lambu managed to escape from the court premises.

The blast occurred as a van with the under-trials were being brought to the court. Several under-trials had just arrived at the court premises when the explosion took place.

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Bihar bomb blast: 2 prisoners flee

Lady with the bomb

Preliminary investigations show that the lady was not a suicide bomber. It could have well been a case where the bombs exploded accidentally. She had the bombs strapped around her could have planned on hurling it in the court premises in a bid to help some prisoners escape.

It is too early to say more on this as investigations are still on. The body of the lady has been badly mutilated as the bombs exploded when it was still strapped around her an officer from Bihar informed.

Amarender Kumar, the Inspector General of the Zone informed Oneindia that they are still trying to ascertain whether it was an act of terror or rivalry aimed at one of the prisoners.

No terror modules in Arrah

There has been no concrete evidence to show that there are existing terror modules in Arrah. Bihar's primary problems with terror have emerged largely out of Darabhanga where the Indian Mujahideen had set up its home.

So far none of the investigations have shown anything to suggest that the IM or any other terror outfit had set up modules or had its cadres in Arrah.

No taking chances

The blast occurred at a time when the nation is on very high alert ahead of the Barack Obama visit. Moreover there are programmes to be addressed by BJP's national chief Amit Shah in Bihar today.

We have sounded an alert in Bihar and security has been beefed up an officer informed. As the investigations continue, we are also trying to ascertain who exactly this woman was.

Terror ruled out

Ministry of home and the intelligence bureau has for now ruled out any terror angle to the blast. It appears to be a criminal act aimed at helping some of the prisoners. The lady it appears was either trying to carry out an explosion to help the prisoners escape or was trying to supply them with the explosives.

She was not a suicide bomber as per initial reports. The bomb accidentally went off, the investigations have revealed which has prompted the IB and Home Ministry to rule out a terror link.

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