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Bengaluru heard loud sounds in 2005, 2018 as well, but they remain mysteries


New Delhi, May 20: The big sound that was heard in Bengaluru today has led to several theories. Some said that it was an earthquake, while others said that it was a sonic boom.

True, there has been some activity in the skies by the Indian Air Force, but there was absolutely no confirmation.

Bengaluru heard loud sounds in 2005, 2018 as well, but they remainmysteries

Bengaluru Police Commissioner, Bhaskar Rao said that there was no damage anywhere. He also said that there have been no calls made to the emergency 100 number. We have asked the Air Force Control Room to check if this was a flight and we are awaiting confirmation, he also told reporters.

Mysterious sound boom in Bengaluru: Commissioner contacts IAF

This is not the first time that such an issue has been discussed. On August 18, 2005, there were mysterious sounds that had been reported in the city. Post that the people debated whether it was an earthquake or a sonic boom. However, back then the Aeronautical Development Agency had said that there were no test flights at that time. To attain the speed of sound, the aircraft needs to be a certain height, so it will not be audible from the ground the ADA had also said.

The Indian Meteorology Department had also said that there was no significant activity reported. Some residents in Banashankari had said in 2005, it could have been the sound caused due to dynamite. However, there was no answer to the sound and there still is not.

In August 2018, a similar incident was reported. In Rajarashwari Nagar and other areas of South Bengaluru, residents reported that they heard a loud sound. They had also said that they had felt a slight tremor as well.

The Karnataka State Natural Disaster Management Centre ruled out the possibility of an earthquake. In 2018 too people had said that it could have been a sonic boom. Some even went on to say that the sound could have been caused due to underground drilling activity by those working on the Metro rail project. There were others who blamed it on the lunar eclipse too.

As Bengaluru feels tremor, here is what is Sonic Boom

However, be it 2005 or 2018, there has not been any valid reason given as to why the sound occurred. Both continue to remain mysteries and going by what happened today, it appears that this one too would continue a mystery.

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