Bengaluru: With a whistle in his mouth, 13-year-old Kreesha Aithal manages traffic alone

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Bengaluru, Sept 4: Heavy traffic jams on Bengaluru roads is a daily affair as soon as the office hours get over in the city. People face heavy traffic and congestion everyday in the evening, but there is one stretch on a busy city road where a 13-year-old boy manages traffic alone.

Kreesha Aithal, resident of Jayanagar area, single-handedly controls traffic on road connecting South End Circle and Banshankhari.

Kreesha, alias Ishu, manages heavy evening traffic with his whistle and, surprisingly so, people follow the kid's instructions.

When OneIndia asked the 13-year-old what inspired him to take up this task Ishu replied, honestly, that two months back he found a whistle at his home. When he started playing with it people in the family asked him to stop disturbing them.

When Ishu, a student of class 8, came outside his house to play with his new found toy, he saw traffic jam on the road near his residence. Without giving a thought, he came on the road and efficiently managed the traffic using his whistle. From that day on, Ishu has made it a habit of managing the traffic every evening.

Here is the excerpt of a short interview with Ishu:

Q: Why do you manage traffic?

Ishu: Just like that, I manage traffic because I feel like doing it.

Q: Did anyone ask you to do it?

Ishu: No. The thought just struck my mind one day and I started doing it.

Q: Your parents don't scold you for this?

Ishu: No. Instead they feel proud because I am doing something for my city.

Q: How do you manage your studies then?

Ishu: After coming from school I have my lunch, and play with friends for some time. Then I manage traffic between 4 and 6 pm. After 6 pm I go back to my home and start studying.

Q: Don't you feel bad when someone doesn't follow your instructions?

Ishu: No, I don't feel bad. I just do my work.

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Ishu: I want to become a doctor and save lives.

Q: What will you do if you are made Traffic Commissioner for a day?

Ishu: I would order to seize the driving licenses of all those caught under rash driving because it is the main cause of road accidents.

Ishu while managing traffic

Ishu while managing traffic

13-year-old boy Kreesha Aithal manages traffic without any help from police.

People follow Ishu's instruction

People follow Ishu's instruction

When Ishu starts managing traffic with the help of his whistle, people follow him. 

Vehicles stop when Ishu asks them

Vehicles stop when Ishu asks them

Vehicles plying over South End Road follow Ishu's instructions on the road. 

Ishu doesn't like rash driving

Ishu doesn't like rash driving

Ishu wants serious action to be taken against rash drivers. 

Ishu delights everyone

Ishu delights everyone

Ishu's presence on the road while managing traffic delights people on the road. 

Some vehicles even ignore the kid's instruction

Some vehicles even ignore the kid's instruction

Some vehicles even ignore the 13-year-old kid's instruction when he stops them. But it doesn't disappoints Ishu. 

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