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At Pathankot, terrorists beat the pain with Mefenamic acid


New Delhi, Jan 8: Carrying painkillers is a common feature among terrorists who undertake a long haul. The case in Pathankot was no different and the terrorists were found to be carrying Mefenamic Acid, 500 MG which goes by the trade name Ponstan along with them.

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Packets of the Megenamic acid were found at the Pathankot air force station and investigators say that these were being used by the terrorists.

Terrorists beat pain with Mefenamic acid

This is one of the favoured pain killers that terrorists carry along with them during an attack. The packets found at the attack site shows clearly that it was manufactured by Pfizer, Pakistan, B-2 S.I.T.E, Karachi.

Terrorists were heavily stocked:

The terrorists who came to India from Pakistan for a long haul were heavily stocked. They had pain killers, syringes, energy drinks, food and water.

The most concrete of the evidence found at the attack site linking the incident to Pakistan is these tablets and syringes which have a clear Pakistan marking to it.

According to Wikipedia, Mefenamic Acid is used to treat moderate pain and also menstrual pain.

It is not a widely used drug due to side effects. Officials say that in all such operations, terrorists come fully stocked up which includes pain killers.

They do not carry pain killers that are too strong as the risk of feeling drowsy is always there. Mefenamic acid is used to reduce hormones that cause inflammation and pain in the body.

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In addition to this the terrorists also had with them energy drinks. The first sighting of energy drinks was at the taxi which the terrorists had taken after they infiltrated into India.

There were several crushed cans in the car. In addition to this there was supply of food and water.

Security officials say that while terrorists are heavily stocked up, they always have limited amount of water.

The idea is to ensure that they run out of water while keeping them engaged. In any such operation, it is always found that the terrorist wears out an almost surrenders when his water supply runs out.

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