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April Fools Day 2021: 10 pranks for kids to play on friends


New Delhi, Mar 31: Laughter is the best medicine. But, let's take an extra dose of it on the first day of April. One way to ramp up the laughs is to get the kids involved in the fun with these April Fool's Day pranks. Most of these pranks are quick, easy, and does not require much planning to pull off, so they are perfect for kids.


Here are 10 pranks you can pull it on your kids

a. Replace the filling of an Oreo cookie with the toothpaste and offer it to your friend as a treat.

b. Hide around a corner and jump out when your friend walks by to scare the pants off of them.

With mid-air fuelling in UAE, India set to get 3 more Rafale fighter jets todayWith mid-air fuelling in UAE, India set to get 3 more Rafale fighter jets today

c. When your friend talks to you, move your mouth like you're talking, but don't make any noise. They'll be so confused by the lack of sound.

d. Convince your friend that you're moving to a different country.

e. If your dad is a heavy sleeper, put a full face of makeup on him and watch his reaction when he wakes up.

f. Change all of the clocks in your house and on your kid's devices to leave them utterly confused.

g. Fill a juice container with water and food coloring and pretend nothing is wrong when your kids notice that it tastes different.

h. Put a piece of clear tape over the end of the TV remote to block the sensor and render it useless.

i. Fill a donut box with veggies and offer your friend a "donut."

j. Flip all of the framed photos in your house upside down and see how long it takes parents to notice.

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