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And justice for all on May 15, says Modi

By Vikas

Coming down heavily on the Siddarmaiah-led Congress government over the killing of BJP workers in Coastal Karnataka region, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said "Let May 15 come and the justice will be done."

Modi addressed his third rally of the day in Mangaluru's Nehru Maidan and began his speech in Tulu. Such was the enthusiasm among people at the rally that they did want an interpreter to translate the speech and Modi said, "So you do not want an interpreter, okay I will speak to you directly." Modi then launched a scathing attack on the Congress government and said that several BJP workers were killed in the region "just because there was a difference in ideology".

PM Modi addressing a rally in Mangaluru (Image courtesy - ANI/Twitter)

"In this region (Coastal Karnataka), several BJP workers were killed. Just because there is a difference of ideology, will you kill them? Wait for May 15, all those responsible for killings would be brought to book..I assure family members of those workers killed that wait till May 15, law will act," he said.

The BJP has been criticising the Congress government on the issue, saying many Hindu activists have been killed under Congress rule in the state.

He said that BJP's aim is to serve the nation, while that of Congress is to serve a family.

"Congress is all about a family. They work only for one family. I work for the nation, and the nation is my family..Look what they did to Devraj Urs. When he opposed power being passed from mother to son, Congress sacked him. Anyone who opposes the family is sidelined," he said.

Modi said law and order had deteriorated under the Siddaramaiah-led Congress government in Karnataka, adding that rule of "Mafias" has been flourishing in the state.

""New kinds of Mafias flourishing in Karnataka under the Congress regime. Sand mafia, Mining mafia, Transport mafia..etc etc, All this will end after May 12," he said.

He also highlighted how the Congress had ruined the country during it long-ruling period in the country since independence. He said Congress was in power for most of the time in 70 years after independence, and asked, "What did they do for the poor and the farmers."

"Rajiv Gandhi had said when Rs 1 is released from Delhi then by the time it reaches villages only 15 paise remains. I want to ask Congress where remaining 75 paise used to go when it used to be your government from Centre to Panchayats," Modi said.

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He said there used to be time when the Congress would send 400 plus MPs to Parliament, but it was their deeds that has left them in this state now.

He also slammed the Congress for criticising every move of his government without getting into merits of the decisions. "Everything that Modi does must be criticised, this is the attitude that the Congress has adopted," the PM said.

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