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Among regional parties, BJD led with the highest amount of donations


New Delhi, May 22: The total amount of donations declared by Regional Parties, including both above and below Rs 20,000, was Rs 54.81 cr, from 2,824 donations.

With regard to the total amount of donations, BJD leads with Rs 13.04 cr from 6 donations followed by JD(U), which has declared receiving Rs 11.19 cr from 27 donations. YSR-C declared receiving Rs 8.35 cr that is the third highest amongst all regional parties says a report by the Association for Democratic Reforms.

Among regional parties, BJD led with the highest amount of donations

59.44% or Rs 32.58 cr of the total donations received by Regional Parties have been received solely by top three Regional Parties.

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YSR-C, TRS, JDU and DMDK saw the maximum percentage increase in their income from donations between FY 2016-17 and 2017-18.

Donations to YSR-C increased by 95%, followed by DMDK for which it was 93%, TRS for which it was 90%, and JDU that saw an increase of 87%.

Out of the total donations of Rs 54.81 cr declared by the Regional Parties, Rs 77.49 lakhs from 434 donations was received in cash during FY 2017-18. This formed 1.4% of the total donations to the parties.

Maximum donations in cash was declared by NPF, which collected a total of Rs 65.26 lakhs, followed by AINRC with Rs 4.20 lakhs and PMK with Rs 3.81 lakhs.

Among all the states, donors from Tamil Nadu made the highest donations of Rs 4.32 lakhs in cash followed by donors from Puducherry who donated a total of Rs 4.20 lakhs in cash.

Donations worth Rs 65.67 lakhs in cash did not have address details. 2 Regional Parties (NPF and DMK) have received such donations in FY 2017-18. (Refer: Annexure 1)

Donations declared by the Regional Parties contained details of donations received from 26 States/Union Territories/common capitals and 17 countries according to the declared address of donors. Only AAP declared donations from abroad.

Regional parties have declared receiving the highest amount of money or Rs 17.946 cr from Delhi, followed by Rs 9.03 cr from Maharashtra and Rs 5.194 cr from Karnataka.

148 donations from corporate/business sectors amounting to Rs 27.51 cr were made to the Regional Parties while 2647 individual donors donated Rs 26.15 cr to the parties during FY 2017-18.

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While in case of National Parties, 1,361 donations were made by corporate/business sectors amounting to Rs 422.04 cr (89.82% of total donations) while 2772 individual donors donated Rs 47.12 cr (10.03% of total donations) during FY 2017-18.

With the maximum number of donations during FY 2017-18, BJD has declared 5 donations from corporate/business sectors amounting to Rs 13 cr while one individual donor donated Rs 4 lakhs to the party.

Out of 24 Regional Parties who had declared receiving donations, 19 parties, have declared donations of donors without their PAN details.

Rs 12.40 cr or 22.62% of the total amount of donations received by Regional Parties do not have PAN details.

It is to be noted that parties like NPF, MGP, AINRC, JVM-P, ZNP, DMDK and RJD who have declared 100 percent donations statements, have not provided PAN details of even a single donor in their donations statement.

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